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Drake family History. Database of Drake Genealogical History that has been compiled from data sent in by researchers and from reference sources. Please feel free to add to it. If you would like your Drake Family genealogy enquiries added to this list - please send me an email with your details to Roy Andrews - drake@xroyvision.com.au It will take about a week before your enquiry will appear on this database - or post your enquiries - comments directly onto the DRAKE MESSAGE BOARD.
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  • Bampfylde/Bamfield/Bampfield Drake - Abstracted from: John Bennett Boddie, HISTORICAL SOUTHERN FAMILIES; Redwood CA, 1957, Vol VII. Submitted by JADyer.
  • Burgesses in Parliament for Amersham
    - Quite a few Drakes mentioned [Thankyou GENUKI and - Kevin Quick]
  • Distinguished Relations - Admiral Sir Francis Drake, by Sophia Daphne Drake. Submitted by: Roy Andrews.
  • Drake family of Colyton - Colyton Parish Register. Details bapts, marriages and burials plus footnotes.
  • Drake of Ashe - 1526 by Sophia Daphne Drake. Submitted by: Roy Andrews
  • DRAKE, Sir Francis knt. 38 Elizabeth [1596].Chancery Inq. p.m. Ser.II. Vol.247 (82). Abstract. m.1. Writ dated at Westminster 23 May 38 Eliz. [1596]. Devon. Inquisition taken at Tavistock 3 Nov. 38 Eliz [1596]. before John Blatchford esq., escheator after the death of Sir Francis Drake knt. Thankyou to Nellie Rich.
  • Drakes Drum Drake took his Drum with him all around the world. That was why its beat could be heard all round the world today-in every land where Briton joined Briton to defeat the present menace of darkness and evil; in every distant station where the two or three were gathered together in common danger and in common hope. Excerpts from articles written in 1919, 1937, and 1940; plus Drakes Drum Photograph. Sent in by: Terry Madsen
  • Private Acts of Parliament 1661 - empowering Sir John Drake of Ash to sell lands to recover the portion of his sister Ellen Briscoe widow
  • Private Acts of Parliament 1684 - regarding the will of Sir Francis Drake baronet, and a further Instrument found, which alters the will .>
  • Fatal Shipwreck in the Bristol Channel - Cardiff & Merthyr Guardian - Saturday 19 July 1851. Francis DRAKE was drowned in the Bristol Channel in 1851. My gt.gt.grandfather William Dennis JONES, a boatman of Weston-Super-Mare and his partner George PURNELL, rescued two survivors from the ship-wrecked 'Joseph Anderson' on their boat 'The Ganymede', and were rewarded in May 1852, £1.10s from Shipwrecked Fishermen & Mariners Benevolent Fund. Sent in by: A Franklin
  • Henry I - King of France, de Bohun, Courtenay, Grenville, Drake, Wolcott : Genealogy Lineage that goes back to nearly the begining of time. Submitted by: Randy Easton
  • History of Fred Jacob Drake - By Edgar Leroy Drake Fred Jacob Drake was born the sixteenth day of December 1874 at Malta, Idaho. He was the son of Richard and Lovina Beecher Drake. Sent in by: Terry Madsen
  • History of the Drake Family of Churchstanton and Teignmouth - 1641 - 1856 by Sophia Daphne Drake. Submitted by: Roy Andrews
  • John Drake nephew of Sir Francis - 1587 - John Drake declared his genealogy in the following from January 8, 1587 to Inquistor Licentiate Antonio Guttierez de Ulloa as: Father and Mother: Robert and Anna Drake natives of Tavistock
  • John Drake - 3 records which mention John Drake; This John Drake of the third item , and almost certainly of the other two, was son of William Drake of Wiscombe Park, Devonshire, a junior line of the prominent Drakes of Ashe of the same county. Sent in by: Fritz
  • John Seaward married abt. 1645 Eleanor Drake (bap. 1625 dau. of William Drake of Yardbury, Colyton esq, the second son of John Drake of Ash.) They had one dau. Ann bap. 16 Apr. 1647 at Axmouth. Sent in by: Kenneth Peter Hyde
  • Mark Drake: Founder of the Churchstanton family. - removed to Churchstanton, possibly about 1630, but at any rate before 1641 when he signed the Protestation Roll for the parish, and is also referred to at " of Churchstanton" in the entry in Pitminister Parish Register which records his marriage there, on 24th January, 1641, to Grace Babb of Pitminister. ( Source : " The Drake family of Chuchstanton and Teignmouth" 1950 by Sophia Daphne Drake. ) Roy Andrews
  • Musbury, Devon, UK - A trip back through 500 years of Drake history. Submitted by: Patricia
  • The Drake Millions - After the death of the 4th baronet Admiral Sir Francis Drakes' descendants in the male line were extinct, and the baronetcy came to an end. Over the years the "great estates" have dwindled, through successive inheritancesy death duties and taxation. Neither Buckland Abbey nor Nutwell Court, the two princpal Drake houses, now belong to the family.( Source : " The Drake family of Chuchstanton and Teignmouth" 1950 by Sophia Daphne Drake. P 57, 58 )Roy Andrews
  • The Drake Snuffbox - From time to time there turn up in private collections very handsome tortoiseshell boxes inlaid with a gold monogram, and known as "Drake Snuffboxes". The origin of these boxes having been generally forgotten, possessors of them often think that they belonged to the great Admiral, Sir Francis Drake.(Source : " The Drake family of Chuchstanton and Teignmouth" 1950 by Sophia Daphne Drake. P 56 ) Roy Andrews
  • The Northern Echo's Stanley Burns Pit Disaster Memorial Appeal - Bob Drake, of Stanley, County Durham, who tracked down the final resting places of each of the 168 men and boys who died in the 1909 explosion.
  • THE Sir Francis Drake Family - Reference: "The Drake Family in England and America, 1360-1895 and The Descendants of Thomas Drake of Weymouth, Mas 1635-1691," by Louis Stoughton Drake, Privately Printed, Boston, 1896, Pages 275-283. Submitted by: Barbara Williams
  • Thomas Drake of Weymouth MA ; from English Records The early 20th C US writers on the Drakes, Louis Stoughton Drake and Edwin H Drake, appear to have used few English records in their discussions on the identity of Thomas Drake. These records are now more readily available centrally and a fresh examination of his ancestry and close family may be made and a final identification attempted. There may also be additional information herein for researchers of ancestors of Devon origin, particularly those with connections to the Dorchester Company.
  • Thomas Drake, Waymouth, MA. Final data. - The information below has been gathered over a period of years, primarily by Elizabeth Howard, in England, who has done magnificient work on researching and documenting the English Drake and related families. Elizabeth had the assistance of a few others in England, in addition to some assistance by myself in the United States.
  • What is the origin of the surname Drake? - Aside from the British and perhaps Irish Drakes, another source of Drake surnames exists: the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam. These Drakes anglicized such name as De Raet(s), Dratz, and Driggs to Drake during a mass assimilation of the Dutch and the English around the time of the American Revolution. Thankyou Paul Brower
  • Yarcombe Manor - by Ruth Everitt. Yarcombe manor was bequeathed to his well beloved cousin Ffrancis, son of Richard Drake of Esher ( formerly Ashe ), upon condition that within two years he should pay to Thomas Drake the sum of 2,000 pounds ( a bargain as Drake had paid 5,000 pounds for the manor ). Otherwise the legacy was to be null and void.

All 3 articles submitted by Roy Andrews.

New Zealand
 Drake family history in New Zealand
  • William John Drake was born September 16, 1859 in Victoria , Australia, and died in Invercargill , Southland ,NZ. He married Annie Elizabeth Morton, daughter of Thomas Morton. Sent in by: Sonia Hendry

  • Chile Drakes I just wanted to let everyone know, especially Charles and David that I have located the memorial to Sir Francis Drake here in Arica. Russ Drake