Henry I - King of France, de Bohun,
Courtenay, Grenville, Drake, Wolcott

Genealogy Lineage


Henry I, King of France, m. Anne of Russia.

Prince Hugh Magnus, Count of Vermandois, crusader.

Isabel de Vermandois, m. (1) Robert de Bellomont, Earl of Leicester, d. 1118;
m. (2) William, Earl of Warren, 2d Earl of Surrey.

Ada (or Adeline) de Warren, m. Prince Henry, son of David I, King of Scotland

Margaret (sister of Malcolm IV and William IV, The Lion, King of Scotland,
also of David, Earl of Huntingdon), m. Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Baron de Bohun,
Lord of Hereford, Constable of England.

Henry de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex, Constable of England, a Magna
Charta surety, d. 1220; m. Maud, daughter of Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl
of Essex, Justice of England.

Humphrey de Bohun, Called “the Good,”  Earl of Heereford and Essex; m. Maud d’Eu.

Humphrey de Bohun, Governor of Goodrich Castle; m. Eleanor de Braose.

Humphrey de Bohun, 3d Earl of Hereford and Essex; m. Maud de Fiennes.

Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford and Essex, Lord High Constable, killed
at Boroughbridge, 1321; m. Princess Elizabeth, daughter of Edward I, King
of England, and his first wife, Princess Eleanor of Castile.

Margaret de Bohun, m. Sir Hugh de Courtenay, 2d Earl of Hugh; son of Devon, K.G.;
d. 1377; son of Hugh (m. Agnes); son of Hugh; son of Hugh (m. Eleanor); son
of John (m. Isabel); son of Robert (m. Mary); son of Reginald (m. (2) Hawise).

Edward Courtenay, m. Emeline d’Auney.

Sir Hugh Courtenay, of Haccomb, Devon, m. (3) Maud Beaumont.

Lady Margaret Courtenay, m. Sir Theobald Grenville, of Stowe.

Sir William Grenville, of Bideford, m. Philippa, daughter of Sir William Bonville,
Baron Bonville, of Chuton, K.G.

Thomas Grenville, of Stowe, Sheriff of Gloucestershire; m. Elizabeth, sister to
Sir Theobald Gorges, Knight, of Devonshire.

Sir Thomas Grenville, of Stowe, m. Isabella, daughter of Sir Otis Gilbert, of
Compton,  Sheriff of Devonshire, 1474, d. 1494.

Sir Roger Grenville, of Stowe and Bideford, m. Margaret, daughter of Richard
Whitleigh, of Efford, Devon.

Amy Grenville, m. John Drake, of Ashe, Musbury and Exmouth, Sheriff of 
Devonshire, 1561-62 (whose sister, Alice Drake, m. (his first wife) Walter
Raleigh, father  (by his third wife, Katherine Champernowne, widow of 
Otis Gilbert) of Sir Walter Raleigh, the famous navigator).  Their son,
Sir Bernard Drake, was father of Sir John Drake, whose daughter, Elizabeth,
m. Sir Winston Churchill, M.P.,  and had John Churchill, the great Duke of

Robert Drake, of Wiscombe Park, Devon, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Humphrey
Prideaux, of Thewborough, Devon, d. 1550.

William Drake, of Wiscombe Park, m. Philippa, daughter of Sir Robert Dennys,
of Holcombe, Devon, d. 1592.

John Drake, b. at Wiscombe, 1585, came to New England, 1630, and settled
at Windsor, Conn., 1635;  d. 17 August, 1659; m. Elizabeth Rodgers, d. 7
October, 1681.

Sergt. Job Drake, m. Mary Wolcott.

Lieut. Job Drake, m. Elizabeth (Clarke) Cook.

Sarah Drake, m. Maj. Gen. Roger Wolcott, 1679-1767, Governor of Connecticut,

Maj. Gen. Oliver Wolcott, 1726-78, 1780-84; signer of the Declaration of 
Independence, Governor of Connecticut, 1796-97.

Oliver Wolcott, 1760-1833, Secretary of the Treasury under Washington and
Governor of Connecticut, 1817-27.  His brother Frederick Wolcott was a member 
of the  Connecticut Senate, father of Joshua Huntington Wolcott, whose son,
Roger Wolcott, 1847-1901, was Governor of Massachusetts, 1896-1900.

Randy Easton