Drake success stories and accolades
Drake success stories
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Drake success stories and accolades
You can post your enquiries - comments directly onto the DRAKE MESSAGE BOARD.
drake website
You are doing a great job and I enjoy it very much
18 June 1998
Drake Connection
Thanks for posting my Francis Drake info on your page. I received a note this morning that I would like to share with you since you really deserve the credit.
22 July 1998
Drake website
Just got on the website and it looks great! Thanks for putting me up there. I see some names of others, Cheska Wheatley and Gee Gee Hughes whose names I have seen before on GEnie and such. Great idea!
24 July 1998
Drake website
I paid a visit to your website and it is EXCELLENT!
19 August 1998
Drake Family History Enquiry
Love the web page.
31 October 1998
Your site!
Your site nearly blew me away when I finally took the time to examine it a little more carefully. I can't get over your thoroughness. What a selfless project!
7 December 1998
drake page
just happened to surf upon your page and just wanted to let you know that you have done a great job. Very clean and easy to follow.
4 January 1999
Bals on website
Many thanks, Roy, for your message to say you have inserted the Balhatchet references in your website. And what a website - I've never seen anything quite like it! May it continue to flourish.
11 January 1999
Drake websites
I always plug your site. It is the best one I have been on. We have so many new people now, I do not know who knows about your site and who does not.
14 January 1999
Your "Drake Family World Wide" site is the best laid out and most attractive >web site I've seen. Whoever did the graphics did a beautiful job.
18 January 1999
drake website
I have found lots of information through the site over the last few weeks. Thanks for the great site.
26 January 1999
drake website THANKS A LOT!
I really appreciate your PROMPT response to my need for help - I wish all of my other surnames had a website and page like yours!!!
9 February 1999
[drake website]
Your design is quite good! You have a good eye for style. Please understand that I mean this sincerely.
12 February 1999
Singleton & Clarke families
Loved your page and am writing to thank you for having pages of history that we can download.
Monday, 8 March 1999
DRAKE lineage
We need to clone you! You are so kind to help all us. I wish the Historical Society in New Jersey had a set-up like you do!!!
10 March 1999
DRAKE lineage
I'm sure you have spent years perfecting the system & it requires a lot of upkeep. I am new to all of this but I've found out fast what works the best.
11 March 1999
drake website
The listing is perfect! You have a terrific web-site!
21 March 1999
Drake website update
This is the most amazing site!! and I don't have a single solitary Drake in my history. It is everything I hope my Fleming site will become.
1 April 1999
drake website
Thank you for putting together and maintaining such a useful web site.
5 May 1999
Abstracts of VA Land Patents & Grant
Congratulations Mate! and thank you for all the work you have done for our Surname.
31 May 1999
Again thanks. The Drake website has already proven to be a treasure.
31 May 1999
drake website
Thank you- I have already had one contact because of the posting
3 June 1999
Theodore-Martin Drake line update
You have done such an amazing thing with your web site and I am honored to be included in any part.
6 June 1999
Gibbs Family
What you have done in the space of the last twelve months is truely astounding, congratulations. The boughs on your family tree are certainly full.
6 June 1999
Drakes in 1812 War
Have used your site many times with great enjoyment, finding a number of Drake family groups that we are convinced tie into ours.
20 June 1999
drake website
If you were anywhere near me, at this particular moment, I would be smothering you with hugs and kisses.
22 June 1999
drake website
I think your website is the greatest thing! So much work!
4 July 1999
Your DRAKE Family Web Page
I congratulate you on a great web site dedicated to the DRAKE family, and it is not only a great source of info, but you have done a remarkable job artistically, as well. Well done!
17 July 1999
Drake Biography
Thanks for your hard work on the Fabulous Drake Website
19 July 1999
drake website
Your website is great, you are doing a great job. Thanks for the site and all the info on it.
1 August 1999
drake website
Your Drake Website is terrific. Thanks for all your hard work.
16 August 1999
Love the Drake website
I love the Drake website. I am learning many exciting stories about our exciting ancestors.
24 August 1999
drake website
That web site is doing great - and you're doing a great job with it.
29 August 1999
Drake URL
Thanks Roy, I liked your set up for my Drake page
1 September 1999
Re: Benjamin-Drake-L/D
You do a wonderful job on your web site. It is an asset to all of us.
5 September 1999
enquiries on your web-site
Thanks for all the work you do for the Drake line. The web page is SUPER!
7 September 1999
your DRAKE site
This is the most comprehensive site I have come across - it is wonderful and beautifully done!
22 September 1999
Drake Website
I visit your website periodically and appreciate what you are doing for Drake researchers.
23 September 1999
Thanks for the website.
7 October 1999
Re: drake website
Your Drake page is really great.
11 October 1999
Hello from Martha in America
I enjoy your website. It is the best single name site I have seen yet.
11 November 1999
Drake website and christmas wish
Greeting to you Roy for maintaining probably the greatest web site around.
21 December 1999
Thanks again for helping to make a connection!
10 January 2000
You sure have a good looking site with all the graphics.
25 January 2000
Your Web Site !!!!
Visited your home page today and had to tell you what a fine job you have done !!!!!
22 February 2000
Re: drake website
A huge thanks for maintaining the Drake website...what a job
2 April 2000
Re: drake website
You have one beautiful site, i've visited it many times.
28 April 2000
Re: drake website
You have done a wonderful job with it.
24 May 2000
Mary Drake
WOW, what a great place.
29 May 2000
Re: Drake Immigrants
Your web site is the greatest
24 June 2000
RE: drake website
All the "Drakes" are eternally grateful!
7 October 2000
Drake Family Genealogy Worldwide
You deserve the grateful thanks and gratitude of the entire Drake clan.
29 October 2000
[DRAKE-L] Drake website update
As usual, you've done a great job.
2 December 2000
Subject: (no subject)
Nice Web site Roy.
2 December 2000
Drake database
Your website has been invaluable to me in my search for my Drake ancestry.
6 March 2001
William Drake/Mary Watts lineage
I have long enjoyed your site, and have utilized most facets of it myself.
14 June 2001
[DRAKE-L] Barb & Ken Marshall..
I love to check our Roy's Web Page at least once a week.
10 October 2001
Drake Family History
Thanks for the help.
2 December 2001
Drakes of New Kent County, Virginia
Your site is an excellent source for serious researchers.
19 December 2001
Drakes of New Kent County, Virginia
Thanks, again, Roy, and have a marvelous new year!
14 January 2002
Drake, Devon
Just been to the Drake xroyvision website - superb site.
20 February 2002
Drake Inquiry
I had found your site and thought it really wonderful.
2 March 2002
[DRAKE] Susan Drake/Enos Norville, 1787
What a joy!
31 March 2002
[DRAKE] Susan Drake/Enos Norville, 1787
Wow! What a success story.
31 March 2002
Drake Pictures
Thank you, Roy, and thank you for all your hard work.
18 May 2002
Drake double descent
You have a wonderful website!
10 June 2002
New Zealand Drakes searching back
Wow, what a great site. Thanks for doing this
4 August 2002
[DRAKE] Noah Drake of PA/NJ, b. 1803/1808
Thanks, have you visited Roy's Website yet? If not, you'll be in for a treat!
8 September 2002
Update on Archibald Drake 1776
Your web site just gets better and better.
16 October 2002
Drake photos
Thanks, as always, for your fine work
2 November 2002
Another picture for your members list
Thanks Roy for maintaining the web page.
2 November 2002
john drake
Thanks heaps Roy and keep up the good work.
3 December 2002
Drake List Members Photo
I love your site and appreciate the hard work you've done.
2 January 2003
Simeon Randolph Drake line
Hi - just recently fell into this wealth of information.
5 February 2003
Material for Drake website
The Drake website is invaluable to Drakes around the world.
23 April 2003
Thank you for your links.
8 May 2003
Drakes and Markes
I continue to be impressed and thankful for your wonderful website.
21 May 2003
Notes on the two John Drakes in New England in the 1630s
Your Drake web site is awesome. Thanks for all your hard work.
1 June 2003
Photo of Troy Drake
Great work on your site....
1 June 2003
Photo of Alan Drake
Thanks for all your hard work!
4 June 2003
Isaiah Drake listing in Enquiries
Thanks for all your work on the Drake site.
10 June 2003
Re: Drake Photo
I really enjoy this site
14 July 2003
Drake Lineage
I recently discovered the Drake web site, and was very excited about the information there
5 September 2003
Drake genealogy: English - UK Drakes: Devon, UK - Drakes
This is a great site, and was recommended to me by a friend.
13 September 2003
Drake Family
Congratulations on the site it is fantastic.
15 January 2004
Error in my family tree
Very interesting website with lots of information.
2 February 2004
Re: question about posting
Roy--You and the list are an awesome resource!
4 February 2004
DRAKE data base
It's a great website and so direct to navigate.
15 May 2004
Looking for Stephen Drake father of Abraham Drake b. Abt. 1784 d. 11 June 1845, Pymatuming Township, Mercer Co., Pennsylvania
What a delight to stumble on to your site.
13 June 2004
BTW, great website and I appreciate your efforts in consolidating this info! Thank you!
23 June 2004
This is a great site, and was recommended to me by a friend.
This is a great site, and was recommended to me by a friend.
11 July 2004
harry dangar
Just looking.Great website.very informative
08 August 2004
Comment: Your site has been added
You have a nice looking page with some great resources!
20 August 2004
McKendry Family
Your Web Sight is great and will find it most helpful in my search.
22 August2004
Sir Francis Drake's parentage
I recently stumbled on your excellent website.
30 September 2004
Re: Drake line
Based on the tree you mapped out on your site (excellent work)...
04 October 2004
[DRAKE] many thanks!
I do enjoy all the information that i read on the drake web site.
07 October 2004
re: Isaac hayden
PS: Your website is great. You have done a good job.
22 October 2004
Re: Drake lineage
It's an impressive place
16 December 2004
How do you join?
Your website is way too cool.
19 September 2008