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Early Drake records - Earliest Drakes: 1600 -1699.
These early records have been compiled over a period of time from the Drake-L, English databases and other sources. No attempt is being made by me to take credit for material that has been sent in by other people. My apologies for not crediting all sources of this material -
If you would like to add any material to this page please send me an email with your details to Roy Andrews - roy@xroyvision.com.au It will take about a week before your enquiry will appear on this database - or post your enquiries - comments directly onto the DRAKE MESSAGE BOARD.

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1600 early - 32/9/1 Jury list in a case between Rob. Wescott and Gilbert Drake. Somerset,UK.

1600 - Humphrey Drake, A Captain in the army, killed with his brother Robert in the defence of Osteen in 1600.

1602 - 57/9/37 Letter from John Drake to John Willoughby on behalf of [Pascoe Hooper]. 22 Nov. 1602 Somerset, UK.
55/2/11 Letter from John Willoughby to John Drake , concerning a hawk. 1602 Vol iii p 43

1605 - Francis DRAKE Capt. R.N. was born in Colchester, Essex Co.,England. He died on 24 Sep 1687 in Piscataway Twp, Middlesex Co., NJ.

1609 - Joseph married Ann Ward in 1609 and was the father by her of Joseph, Thomas, Susan, and Esther, of whom the first was the father of Marmaduke, John,Joseph, Thomas, Nathan, Elizabeth, Mary, Maud, and Esther Drake,of Yorkshire; Nathan had issue by his wife, Elizabeth Higgin, of the Reverend Samuel Drake, Vicar of Pomfret, who married Jane Abbot and left seven children, Francis, Samuel, Nathan, John Anne, Elizabeth, and Jane Drake; while Jeremy was the father of Timothy, Abraham, Jonathan, Grace, and Esther, of whom the first was heir to Lands at London and left at least one son, Reverend Richard Drake.

1611 - Marriage; Robert Drake married to Ann (Jane) ATTE in 1611 in Halstead, Essex Co., England. Anne (Jane) ATTE was born about 1584 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH. She died in May 1640 in Epping, Essex Co., England. She was buried in May 1640 in Epping, Essex Co., England.

1612 - Nathaniel Drake Ens. was born in April in Colchester, Essex Co.,England. He died after 27 Apr 1691 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH.

1614 - Two of the sons of William and Philippa, namely Thomas (the eldest) and William, graduated from Oxford University. Thomas had attended Exeter College, received his B.A. in 1612, and was of the Inner Temple in 1614.

1615 - Susannah Drake was born in Colchester, Essex, England.

1616 - John Drake Married :25 Jun 1616 to Lettes Shakespeare, Hampton In Arden, Warwick, England

1618 - Ester Drake Christened:18 Jan 1618 Hampton In Arden, Warwick, England.

1619 - As early as 1619, the State officials of England was taking vagrant children from the streets and selling them to the colony of Virginia for indentured labor. This continued for many years, but when the citzenry adopted this practice, the scandal forced the government to act against it.

1st September 1619 - John Drake was granted a license to sell sixty acres of land called Buncombe, in the parish of Broomfield and County of Somerset, England to John Stawell.

1620 - Job Drake Christened:5 Mar 1620 Hampton In Arden, Warwick, England
Abraham Drake was born in 1620 in Colchester, Essex Co., England. He died after 27 Apr 1691 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH.

1622 - . William Drake had attended Wadham College, taking his B.A. in 1622, staying for an M.A. in 1625, and then becoming a fellow for the years 1632-37.

1625 - Elizabeth Drake chr. 9 Jan 1625 in Hampton and died or was buried on 8 June 1716 in Norwich, CT. She married John ELDERKIN on 1 Mar 1660

1628 - John Drake married Dorothy_____. He died 11 April 1628, she died 13 December 1631. Both are buried in the Parish Church of Musbury.
1630 - John Drake, son of William and Philippa Denys, grandson of Robert and Elizabeth Prideaux, and great grandson of John of Ashe and his wife, Amye Grenville came from Devonshire, England, to Boston Mass. in 1630 and soon afterward settled at Windsor, Conn. he brought with him his sons, Jacob, Job, and John, and several daughters, whose names are not available.

1630 - John Drake of the council of Plymouth, one of the original company established by King James in 1606, for settling New England, was a branch of the family of Drake of Ashe, several of whose sons came to this country. John came to Boston in 1630, with two or more sons, and finally settled in Windsor.

1632 - Mary Drake chr. 20 May 1632 in Hampton.
Mark Drake died. He married Dorothy.

1633 - One Drake (Christian name unknown), who was living toward the end of the sixteenth century at Bugden, Huntingdonshire, was the father of a son named Richard, who resided in London and Somersetshire. Richard married Christian, daughter of Robert, Fauscott, and was the father by her of John, Laurence, Richard, and Roger, of whom the last was living in London in 1633. by his wife, Margaret Allyn, he had four sons, Roger, Richard, John, and William.
1635 - Thomas Drake, bap., Sept. 13, 1635, at Colyton, Eng.; emigrated to America, about 1653-4, and settled at Weymouth; m. 1st, Jane Holbrook of Weymouth; m., 2d, widow Melicent Carver.

1635 - Thomas Drake b. 13 Sep 1635, Colyton, Devon, Eng, m. (1) 1656, in Weymouth, Norfolk, Mass., Jane HOLBROOK, b. 1636, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England, (daughter of Thomas HOLBROOK and Jane POWIS (POWYES)) d. 1679, Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Mass., m. (2) 16 Nov 1691, Millecent CARVER. Thomas died 23 Sep 1692, Weymouth, Norfolk, Mass.

1636 - Early Virginia Immigrants
DRAKE, Elizabeth, Filia, 1636, by Robert Drake, Accomack Co.
DRAKE, Robt., (Senr.), 1636, by Robert Drake, Accomack Co.
DRAKE, Joan, 1636, by Robert Drake, Accomack Co.

1637 - Early Virginia Immigrants
DRAKE, John, 1637, by Thomas Holt, New Norfolk Co.

1638 - Early Virginia Immigrants
DRAKE, Ann, 1638, by Richard Maion, Charles River co.

1639 - Early Virginia Immigrants
DRAKE, James, 1639, by Robert Eley, Isle of Wight co.

1640 - According to certain accounts, Robert, father of the immigrant Abraham, arrived in America about 1640, bringing with him his wife, and two children, Nathaniel and Susannah. other historians maintain that he came either with or before Aberham. in any event he settled at Exeter, N.H. his son Nathaniel married, as his second wife, the widow Jane Berry. he had two children, Paskell and Jane, by this or an earlier marriage, but Paskell evidently died without issue, in 1656 this family removed to Portsmouth, N.H.
Mark Drake married Grace Babb January 24, in Pitminister, Somerset, England.

1641 - Nathaniel Drake married to Sarah DEHAM on 25 Mar 1641 in London, England. Sarah DEHAM was born about 1612 in England.

1641 Mark Drake initiallised the "Protestation Roll" which all men were required to sign in that year to prove that they were not members of the King's party;
1641? (17th year of Chas) 21 day of July; - Augustine Drake the elder of the city of Exeter WILL

1642 - Mark Drake was born and died 1726. He married Charitas.

1643 - 53/1/150 Letter from Mr Pinson to John Willoughby certifying that Wm Drake of Clyst St Lawrence is unable to attend ? a muster. 12 Nov. 1643

1644 6th November; Augustine Drake of Ide in the co of Devon will of Exeter & Waddam. Chidlren, Augustine, William, John, Robert, Richard, Agnes, Francis, and others. WILL

1645 - An Order of Parliment, 9 May, 1645, ordered that all those to be transported must be recorded in the council books. This was done to stop the kidnapping of children, rounding up of vagrant children and young adults, trickery employed by the courts (telling a person accused of a petty crime it was a hanging offense and only transporting would save his life), false charges brought by citizens, parents and guardians selling their children and charges to the colonies.

1647 - 16th July 1647; Philipa Drake of Wescombe, widow, late wife of William Drake esquire - WILL

1647 - 16th Dec 1647; Acton Drake of Short Hamton Lodge in the county of Oxon - WILL

1648 - 27th March; John Drake of Yardbury in the county of Devon - WILL

1653 - Thomas Drake, son of the William Drake, of Yardbury, came with his sisters, Joan, and Elizabeth, from Devonshire to Massachusetts. they later removed to Windsor, Conn., where they joined their relative, John Drake. Thomas eventually made his home at Weymouth, Mass. and became a wealthy land owner in that town. he married first Jane Holbrook and , second, the widow Mellicent (Ford) Carver, the latter marriage taking place in 1681. his children were Thomas Jr., John, William, Joseph, Amy, Elizabeth, Benjamin, and Experience.
1653 - 28th day of August; Matthew Drake of Mushburie in the co of Devon - WILL

1654 - The Council of the City of Bristol on 29 Sep., 1654 passed an ordinance that the names of indentured servants embarking from Bristol should be recorded. In the beginning the records were scrupulously kept, but as time passed, sloppy records permitted the abuses to grow.

1655/56 - 29/7/16 1) John Willoughby 2) Edw. Drake of Southleigh, gent. and Anne Bowerman of Peyhembury, spinster Lease of messuage and lands in Seaton Fine 280 rent 11s.4d. 1 Feb. 1655/6 Somerset,UK.
29/7/17 Counterpart of the above 1 Feb. 1655/6 Somerset,UK.

1656 - 57/9/38 Letter from Edward Drake to Mr Willoughby about estates at ?Seaton. Somerset,UK.

1658 - Servants
The following items were on page 77, date 5 Sep., 1658.
Richard Drake of Bristol, serge maker, to Andrew Ball, mariner, 3 yrs.
Thomas Drake to Andrew Ball, mariner, 4 yrs.
Mary Drake to Andrew Ball, mariner, 4 years.
John Drake to Andrew Ball, mariner, 10 years.
Thomas Drake to Andrew Ball, mariner, 12 years.
Page 73. Jonathan Drake, yeoman, to John Kingford, 6 years. VA 4 Aug.,1658.
Page 298, Richard Drake to John Covill Esq., 4 years to VA. 12 Feb., 1674.
Page 337. Thomas Carline to John Drake, 4 years to VA by "Stephen," Mr. John Read, captain. 4 Sep, 1677/

1659 - 25/2/471659Conveyance. Christopher Wilkins, yeo. to Robt Drake of West Monkton, clerk. The same with "a linney thereon for cattle". 270. 30 July 1659. [1 doct] Somerset, UK.
25/2/481659Final Concord. Robt Drake, clerk v Arthur Thorne. Michaelmas 1659. [1 doct] 25/2/491659Covenants relating to the above Sale and Final Concord. Christopher Wilkins & Dorothy his wife, Robt Drake aforesaid, Arthur Thorne aforesaid. 3 Aug. 1659. [1 doct] Somerset, UK.

1661 - christening March 27 Martha d. John Drake; Northowram Register Yorkshire, UK.
1661 - 13th May 1661; Thomas Drake of Wiscombe Esq - WILL

1663 - Joseph Drake b. 28 Oct 1663, Weymouth, Norfolk, Mass., m. (1) 1686, in Weymouth, Norfolk, Mass., Elishama (DRAKE), m. (2) 16 May 1718, Lydia KINGMAN. Joseph died 25 Nov 1719.
1663/4 - 19/3/12 1) Sir John Drake 2) John Willoughby, sheriff of Devon Assignment of prisoners 17 Feb. 1663/4 Somerset, UK.

1666 - 25/2/501666 Agreements re trust for wife and daughter. John Mallacke of Exmouth, co. Devon, John Drake of [Bystoke in] Collaton Rawley, gent. and Geo. Drake of Aylesbeare, gent. 25 April 1666. [1 doct] Somerset, UK.

1670 - Patrick Drake, of Drakerath, county Meath, was father in the year 1670 of a son named Columbus, who was married in 1705 to Anne Jennett, of the county of Louth. to this union was born a son named Patrick, who married Frances, daughter of James O'Reilly, and had five children, Columbus, George, Catherine, Elizabeth, and Anne.

1673 - Mark Drake was born June 24, in Churchstanton, Devon, UK., and died 1745. He married MARY EVERY May 26, 1699 in Churchstanton, Devon.

1676 - 17th May 1676 Hellen Drake of Wiscombe in the co of Devon - WILL

1677/78 - christening; March 9 Joseph s. John Drake, of Shelf. Yorkshire.
Burial; Mar 13. Mr Wm Drake, Justice of Peace in Craven buried at Thornton , Yorkshire. aged 53

1678 - marriage of Isreal Dewey to Abigail Drake.

1685 - Judge Jeffrey's "Bloody Assizes" at Bristol, 1685, allowed him to ship to Barbados many hundreds of those involved in Monmouth's Rebellion. At the same time, he saw the abuses and condemed the entire establishment of Bristol that allowed even merchants to traffic in shipping convicts to the colonies for a profit.

29th of November 1685 - in the Parish of Saint Mabyn, Cornwall, England - a Philipe Jewell married Francis Drake

1686/87 - 10 March 1686/7 - 30/3/1 1) Lady Mary Trevelyan, widow 2) Edw. Drake of Seaton, gent. Lease of messuage and lands in Seaton Fine 1s. rent 11s.4d. Somerset, UK.

1688 - The "Glorious Revolution" of 1688 granted amnesty and those convicted of these abuses were released. Over 10,000 names are in Coldham's book. All but a few ere labourers, husbandmen, or tradesmen. Most were from the West County, Wales, and the West Midlands. He states some were from London, Cambridge, Lancashire, Scotland, Ireland, France and the American colonies themselves. Many of the 10,000 listed in his book were not convicts but had indentured themselves in exchange for the "house, an axe, a year's provisions and double apparel, and sometimes a few acres of land" that was given at the end of the indenture period. And of course, the free passage.

1689 - marriage; June 24, John Craven Mary Drake.

28th July 1689 - Humphry Drake - baptised; parents were Francis and Philipe Drake

1692 - 25/2/51- 551692 Conveyance, lease and release, two final concords. Clement Waldron of Hemyock and Susannah his wife, sister and co-heir of Sam. Drake late decd., who was son and heir at law of Robt Drake late of Pitminster, clerk, decd. To John Parsons of [Tuckerton in] North Petherton. In turn to James Batten of Tuckerton. The same. 133 6. 8d. 19, 20 & 21 Jan. 1692/3. [5 docts] Somerset,UK.

1693 - 5 Dec. 1693 - 3/1/3 1) Sir John Trevelyan of Nettlecombe 2) Sir Wm Drake of Ash, Devon, bt.; Sir Nich. Morrice of Werrington, bt., Wm Pole, eldest son of John Pole, Edmund Wyndham of Kentsford, Nathaniel Palmer of Fairfield, esq. and Hugh Vaughan of Ottery St Mary, esq. Settlement of estates as above for marriage of John Trevelyan and Urith Pole. Somerset,UK.
22/5/16 1) Sir Wm. Drake, kt. and Bt., Sir Nich. Morice, Bt., Wm. Poole, esq., Edmund Wyndham, esq., Nathaniel Palmer, esq. and Hugh Vaughan, esq. 2) Sir John Trevelyan, Bt., def. Fine on manors of Whalesborough, Perranuthnoe and Trevelyan. Michaelmas 1693 Somerset,UK.
16/11/1 1) Margaret Trevelyan of Nettlecombe, spinster 2) Sir Thos. Putt of Combe, Devon, Bt. 3) Sir Wm. Drake of Devon, kt. and Bt., Thos. Drew, esq., Henry Fry, esq. and John Hanbury, gent. Settlement for marriage of Margaret and Sir Thos. Putt, of property in Willand, Devon. 25 Feb. 1693/4. Somerset,UK.

6th January 1693 - William Drake - baptised; parents were Francis and Philipe Drake

1694 - Joseph Drake of Buckland Monarchorum Eng. Born 1694 Died 1777 Beloved Husband of Rebecca Hambly of Bodwin Cornwall, Eng.
1694 - 17th March 1694, I Katherine Drake of Churchtaunton on the co of Devon - WILL

1696 - Buried; Dec. 23. Mercy Drake John Cravens mother in law buryed at Halifax, Yorkshire. aged 70.
Buried; Jan 13. Mr Joshua Drake of York my good friend dyed Jan 10. 1696-7 buryed aged 44

1697 - Death; Dec 7. Judith Drake found dead in bed.
Death; Jan 18. Dan Drake of Northouram died Jan 18. Ant. Waterhouse of Blake hill buried same day Jan 20. aged 80.