Matthew Drake of Mushburie in the co of Devon ,
Clarke, made 28th day of August 1653
From: lionhouse
Date: Tuesday, 9 April 2002 1:57 AM

        The last will and testament of Matthew Drake of Mushburie in the co
of Devon , Clarke,  made 28th day of August 1653, being sick and weak of
body but of sound and perfect memory.    Item I give to my dear and loving
wife Sarah, all that house and parcell of land which I lately purchased
lying in Whitford within the parish of Shute , ,   after her decease I give
to Sarah Drake my eldest daughter,  ...failing her , to my youngest daughter
Elizabeth Drake  Item I give and devise all that copiehold in Ottery St
Mary, whereunto I am taken  tenant but have bin by violence detained from ye
possession thereof, and am thereupon for the just recovery of my right at
present in suit of law which I desire may be effectually presented for the
recovery of my right, and I say I give and devise the said copy hold land of
inheritance unto Elizabeth Drake my youngest daughter....All the rest of my
goods and chattels I give and bequeath unto Mr John Seward of Downlands in
the parish of Axmouth, my sole executor of this my will.   I desire my dear
and loving nephew Mr Hercules Pyne, my loving brother in lawe, Master
William Bauston, and Master Richard Jassell of Musbury to give their best
assistance to my executor.....witness John Hopp and Richard Jassell.
        Proved at Westminster 2 March 1653 on the oath of John Seward

        OK irritating, he knows who they are, but we still don`t know the
connection between Matthew and your Thomas although he uses John Seward
again, as an executor , so a close family member.