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Slave owning Drakes
Item Source
Drake speaks about apology for slavery University of Virginia.
Slave owning Drakes in GA, SC, and NC. Franklin Farmer
Native American Drakes living in Indian Territory Franklin Farmer
George, Isaac and Nathaniel Drake
- slave owners
Albert Drake
Jesse Drake from Bullit Co, Kentucky
- slave owner.
Karen Trient
Slave research difficulties Shirley Maynard
"My" Drakes had slaves in Va & MO Janet Beattie
A perspective on colonial slavery Albert Drake
Drake slaves Martha Matthews
Drake wills - slaves mentioned. Wdd72@aol.com
Slave research difficulties Barb Marshall
Slave research difficulties Shirley Maynard
slavery, ancestors, and judgments Paul
Epaphroditus Drake - three female slaves. Shirley Drake
Drake Slaves in Oregon Becky Burns
Bible Record of Albrittain Drake's slaves and their descendants from 1777 to 1863 From the M. J. Arrington Manuscript Collection, # 33241, Southern Historical Collection.
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