George, Isaac and Nathaniel Drake - slave owners

George Drake, oldest son of Francis Drake in 17th century Piscataway, 
NJ owned a slave Andrew.
Isaac Drake, grandson of Francis owned 4 slaves and in his 1759 Will 
he freed
them and established a pension for them. Nathaniel, son of Isaac owned 
a slave who was a wagoner in the Revotionary War.
There were other slave owners in Drake households in NJ.
Now in Kentucky, relatives of these NJ Drakes- some specifically 
mentioned abhoring salvery- Isaac, father of Dr. Daniel Drake, yet his 
brother owned one slave.
In Perth Amboy, NJ, near Piscataway just before the R. War there were 
10,000 slaves awaiting distribution.
 Beware of generalizations, Couz.
Albert Drake