Drake Slaves in Oregon

The Salem, Oregon, "Statesman Journal" newspaper recently ran an article
with the title "Oregon's struggle with slavery".  There is a photo of
MARY JANE SHIPLEY DRAKE who was a former slave.

If Barb, our list manager, would like a copy of this paper, I shall be
happy to send it to you.  I do not have a scanner (darn!) or I'd be able
to send it to all who wanted.

The newspaper article details the life of Mary Jane Shipley Drake and
tells of her parents (Robin and Polly Holmes) journey as slaves owned by
Major Whitman in Howard County, Mo.  They came to Oregon in 1844,
expecting to become free after helping a new master, Nathaniel Ford, get
settled.  Mary Jane was three years old at that time.  This new master
did let the parents go free, but refused to allow freedom to  their
three children.  The case went to the supreme court six years before
Oregon actually became a state.

Mary Jane married a former slave, Rueben Shipley in 1857.  When he died,
she married R. G. Drake.  She died in 1925 in Oregon.

Barb, would you like to include this article in your Drake Slaves file?

Please let me know.

Becky Burns