Bible Record of Albrittain Drake's slaves
and their descendants from 1777 to 1863
Date: Friday, January 19, 2001 3:29 PM

From the M. J. Arrington Manuscript Collection, # 33241, Southern Historical 
Collection, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

[Note: Albrittain Drake moved from Nash Co, NC to Muhlenberg Co KY]

Lydia was born 25th of November, 1777, N.C.
James, son of Lydia was born 17th day of September 1792
Matthew and Judy was born 8th of March, 1794, N.C.
Silvy was born 22nd of May 1797, N.C.
Patsy was born 2nd of February 1799, N.C.
Libbina was born 20th of November, 1800, N.C.
Cherry and Lucy was born 14th of July 1802, N.C.
Ester was born 17th of March, 1804, N.C.
Tamer and Samuel was born the 10th of November, 1805, N.C.
Abraham was born 28th of August, 1807, N.C.
Robertson was born 27th of February, 1809
Clary was born 20th of April, 1810
Ally was born 22nd of April, 1813
Mark and Martin, sons of Judy, was born 30th of October, 1813
James was born 10th of June, 1816
Mira was born 24th of April, 1822
Lucretia was born 1 of February, 1824
Elias, son of Lucy, was born the 26th of August, 1822
Permelia Ann, daughter of Patsy, was born November, 1816
Huldah was born June, 1818
Charles Baltimore was born 25th of June, 1820
Elmeta Caroline was born the 23rd  of November, 1822
Samuel Nelson, was born the 17th of November, 1825
Ned Bradford and Margaret Emely was born the 20th of April, 1828
Pompy Richard was born 11 of December, 1822
Lydia Robine was born 3rd of July, 1830
James Rovertson was born the 4th of December, 1835
Marthy Jane, daughter of Huldah, was born July 2nd day, 1844
Nicy, daughter of Huldah, was born the 20th of September 1846
Tom, son of Marthy, was born January 3, 1860
Finas, son of Marthy, was born November 1861
Clercy, daughter of Marthy, was born May 19th, 1863.