Drake wills - slaves mentioned.

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 Why am I having so much trouble getting my fellow Drakes to discuss 
 and miscegenation, isn't it time that we all get honest and discuss slavery 
 like many other families have. I see references to Drakes in the civil war 
 both sides, isn't it time to acknowledge the legacy of slavery in our family 
 and our nation. >>

Franklin, I have posted the wills of my Drake ancestors to the Metro Archives 
site on the web.   
Friends of Metro 
Archives Nashville and Davidson County, TN
In these will abstracts, there are names of slaves mentioned.  I think you're 
looking outside of Tennessee and in Georgia, I believe, which is why I 
haven't responded to your messages for slavery discussions.  At this time, 
other than seeing these names mentioned, I know no more of my ancestor's 
slave holdings, etc.  Hope this helps in some way.