Epaphroditus Drake - three female slaves.

Hi listmembers,
I have been a silent listmember for nearly two years. My line is listed on
Roy Andrews list but it was put there by someone else (a lovely lady named
Marketta). Anyway, I listed the slaves in the will of my 3g grandfather
Drake on a list years ago. It was a list specifically for slaves that were
named. The will  belonged to Epaphroditus Drake, born Virginia 1768 and
died in Hancock County, Georgia in 1831. His will lists three female slaves
by name and value.
I have only limited information but here it is: Epaphroditus Drake (b. 1768 VA) died Nov 1831 in Hancock County, Georgia and in his will he specifies three slaves. Lydia , a yellow girl value $275.00 Beek, a woman value $450.00 Sarah, a girl value $150.00 These slaves remained with his wife Susan until the Civil War. Susan died in Hancock County after 1870. I have been watching the list discuss slavery and I have to agree that it is history and not something that we can change now so lets just help everyone with their research when we can. When I first saw Mr. Farmer's query for a mixedblood Drake in Georgia, I thought of my Drake. One of his female slaves was listed in the will as "Lydia, a yellow girl". That means that she had some white ancestor, but I didn't see anything about Native American blood. I transcribed the Hancock County, Georgia census for 1830, 1840, and 1850 for the USGENWEB project. In the process of doing this, I was very aware of the number of slaves in this county. There were twice as many slaves are there were white people. Also a handful of free black people. Of course, the slave schedual doesn't name the slaves anymore than the regular census does. I just wanted to put in my two cents worth. I don't really have any answers! Shirley Drake Jamestown, CA