Drake slaves

Dear Drake Exchange:
Please, no one leave the list over the slave controversy.  Yes, some
Drakes owned and/or were slaves.  Yes, finding data on them is
pretty much next to impossible.  Yes, slavery and the post c.w.
institution called share cropping caused much much misery.
Yes, there are Drakes in different races.  But to leave a computer
list serv over something NONE OF US HAD ANY CONTROL
I have been gathering historical data on known slave holding
plantations and non related families who owned slaves.  This
at least gives me some idea of what it may have been like.
Me personally, if I had lived back then I would have perferred getting
cash during the reading of the will.  But a Drake ancestor
became the owner of two slaves when her dad went to meet
Mr. Equal Opportunity Employer in the sky.  We cannot imagine
today in the 90s what it was like to own or be owned. 
The mystery surrounding who's a Drake and who has cousins
in another race could probably be solved by DNA studies.  I doubt
they will ever be done, though.  Sir Francis millions have vanished.
I jokingly tell people the Drake millions (dollars) are there, it is
just that  they are now Drake millions (people.)  So there is no
monetary battle to be waged.  Also, unlike the Jefferson-Hemings
debate, no gravesites to seek, no burial plots to argue over.
When I am at the local library I read historical publications AND
writings by people who were alive in the 1860s.  That at least
gives me a clue about what life was like back then.  
Monticello has a softbound book on Slavey.  It is published by
the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation and is written
by Lucia Stanton.  The address is Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Foundation, Inc.,  Monticello Catalog, P.O. Box 318, 
Charlottesville, VA  22902   The book gives a very indepth
look at the institution of slavery and includes Hemmings
and Fossett  family trees.  
Perhaps a clickable square on Drake slaves could be included
at the Drake Family Worldwide Website.