Slave research difficulties

To all Drakes and kin;  We must stop and consider whether GOOD genealogy
has any place whatever for judgments about the conduct of our ancestors,
no matter what the nature of their acts.  No more than we should be
found guilty or innocent by those who are alive in the year 2144 - 140
years in the future - being students gives us no license to make such
calls about ANY actions of those who lived 140 years in the past. 
Judgmental words like good and bad, just and unjust, right and wrong,
proper and improper are not expressions of our hobby; such are words of
the philosopher and belong with brandy at the fireside (or beer at the
beach).  Let your ancestors rest where they are; proud in their
accomplishments, sorry for their failings; happy in their pleasures and
sad for their moments of anguish.  They don't need - or want - your
help, thank you!  Whatever WE may think of their works, those actions
are over, done, finished, completed, concluded and have disappeared into
the soft black of the distant past.  Be proud of every one of them, and
the fact that you might now do something differently or have a different
view has NOTHING to do with and does not belong in this work.  More
power to you, Mr. Farmer; study away, and those of us who are able to
help you quite usually will.  So let's quit the good/bad nonsense and
try to learn the whys of past conduct.  All of us might remember what
Holmes suggested: The thought that we might be judged by our posterity
is ridiculous.  Finally, sign your name to what to you write, or don't
write; anonymity - hiding - has NO place in research or in the exchange
of ideas!  Paul