Slave research difficulties

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 No we don't but while your letter was excellent, you left out one very
 important area of research: namely wills. To my knowledge, there were no
 slave owners among my ancestors but it wouldn't surprise me if there were.
 However, I have read several wills and noticed slaves being passed down
 from one generation to the next. 
So true.   I've not found any in the wills I've had to read, fortunately.  
But I have seen slave death information in the county records prior to the 
civil war.  But always only a first name for the slave with the full name of 
the owner.  One thing I noted in my great granddaughter's Norfolk, VA 
ancestors was the age of his slaves.  One of her Carr gramps had a few over 
the age of 70, many in their 60's and a few in their 50's.  A few workers in 
their 20's and a few women and children.  But he didn't die until after the 
civil war so he had nothing to leave, hence no will.

My library research room is getting new books monthly on black research.  One 
is absolutely fascinating.  It's about the free blacks of NC and many had 
their roots in VA.
At any one time, 10 percent of the blacks in the south were free blacks.  It 
wasn't until just before the CW that free blacks were forbidden to be in some 
southern states.
I think Roy Andrews will be doing us all a service by putting a black Drake 
section on his site.  I definitely will be looking for Drake slave 
information here in VA to send to him.