Laura Drake Nichols - Slave owning Drakes in GA, SC, and NC

Date: Thursday, 1 July 1999 2:54

Thanks Roy,

I am trying to make linkages as you know between my maternal
grandmother Laura Drake Nichols (father Cornelius Drake and mother
Nancy Burns Drake) of Athens, GA (b.1894 d.1987). We are an
African_American family with African, Anglo Saxon and Native American
blood. Here in our area "black" descendants of Thomas Jefferson and his
lifelong slave mistress, Sally Hemmings, proved direct descent through
DNA linking using a lock of Jefferson's hair and celluar material from
a descendant of Sally Hemmings. Te results were like the O.J. Simpson
DNA testimony. It is time to face the fact that Drakes probably owned
slaves here and in the West Indies, and that there was a signicant
amount of miscegenation. Thanks for any help, I am  a neophyte in
geneology although I am a professional historian and teacher, this
stuff is all new to me.
Thanks again,

Franklin Farmer, M.A. (Farmer-Artope/Nichols-Drake)
See Attached File regarding native American Drakes living in Indian
Territory, we believe that our family was descended from this line.