A perspective on colonial slavery

Slavery existed in America from the earliest settlement. In 1680 there were 120 slaves in New 
Jersey. Pioneers with large land tracts and no available for hire help and not enough able 
children were the market justifiction.In 1702 Queen Anne instructed the Royal governor of New York 
and New Jersey "to give due encouragement to merchants and in particular to the Royal Afican 
company so that the Provinces may have a constant and merchantable supply of negroes."

At the  same time the Quakers were recommending to their members  not to employ slaves any longer.  
Slaves in New Jersey  grew to 10% of the population by 1780. Slavery was outlawed by the 
Continnetal Congress and thus by 1850 there were only 236 slaves.

The slave traders after the Revolution concentrated on the Southern market.