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Bernie Lloyd passed on the sad news that our mate Steve Rodgers passed away in a Melbourne hospital on 15/02/2007
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Friday 16 March 2007 - Crows Nest Hotel
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Roy, Peter and Maurice   Roy and Maurice
From the Vicious Rumours Dept.
Recent sightings of ex Enterprise Color Video deckhands Roy Andrews, Maurice Todman and Peter "Sally" Enright at the same production company have prompted wild speculation from industry insiders that iconic Crows Nest facilities house ECV is being secretly resurrected. The trio was spotted driving Final Cut Pro systems at corporate film producer Bruce Stephens and Associates based in St. Leonards. Mr. Stephens was unavailable for comment.
"Weére not putting the band back together," scoffed Mr. Andrews when questioned recently while loitering outside the gents toilets at the St. Leonards station. "Ités just a bloody co-incidence. Anyway half the original staff are either dead or in old folks homes. Now fuck off."
However other ex ECV stalwarts John "Dodger" OéConnell, Craig Chapman and Michael Eder remain unconvinced. "They still fuckiné owe me wedge," mumbled OéConnell darkly. "This is just the sort of stunt Roy would pull," commented long time facilities manager Maggie Watts, "And whenever Todman and Enright get together, well, the poo usually hits the fan one way or another. This isnét the gay eighties anymore, they canét be trusted."
We will continue to maintain a 24 hour video surveillance of the premises and will keep you posted with the latest developments as they come to hand. Meanwhile, watch this space.