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Digital Pictures Launched - 1st July 1995
July heralded the Integration of the newly established AAV Digital Pictures (formerly Apocalypse) with the remaining AAV Digital Post Production Network The move, which consolidates some of the most advanced facilities in Australia, reflects our commitment to providing a wider range of integrated services in keeping with the rapidly changing communications environment

The launch of AAV Digital Pictures coincided with the acquisition of revolutionary digital post-production technology including the powerful digital graphics and editing FLAME and FLINT systems. Australia's first HAL Express and the upgrade of the URSA telecine to URSA Gold standard This investment, supported by the recuitment of operators with international experience, coupled with the existing talented team, provides Digital Pictures' clients with the resources they require to produce world standard work

Tony Lynch and his team have done a marvellous job during what has been a hectic transition period and we wish them all well for a firmly focused future as AAV Digital Pictures.
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Digital Pictures
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- Autumn 1997

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