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November 1990 - June 1995
This month Pro-image Post Sydney will be re-named APOCALYPSE. The name will be underlined with 'THE FINAL WORD IN POST'.

While the Company still remains very much a part of the refinanced and re-structured Pro image Group, it has won its own ‘new image’.

The name itself has already been the subject of some heated debates in the past 2 months as we have gone about planning the transition.

But I already believe we have achieved what we set out to do. People are talking, quite energetically, about us as a Company again.

The word APOCALYPSE comes from the Greek word for “revelation” - the act of making known.

APOCALYPSE is defined in the dictionary as ‘revelation; discovery; disclosure‚- all pretty apt terms in regard to communication.

It does not mean doom, gloom and destruction, and while all those niceties do feature in the final book of the Bible, Revelation does have a happy ending; the end of an old world and the beginning of a new one.

I trust you see the rather ironic parallels. But APOCALYPSE is more than just a name change.

We have published a new rate card with no price increases and, in some cases, we have managed to reduce them.

URSA - the world's most advanced telecine chain - arrives within weeks and many other improvements to service have been made in regard to facilities and processing.

Finally, I would like to thank all of our staff and Clients who have done nothing but support this Company over the past 12 months.

Peter Skillman General Manager.