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Remembrance Drinks for Mal Todd
Remembrance Drinks for Mal Todd
Friday 16 March 2007 - Crows Nest Hotel

Hi All,
This email is to notify that a rememberance evening is to be held for Malcolm Todd, As most of you will know, Toddy passed away last year in Adelaide.

A few of us thought that we should give him a bit of a 'send off' And as Erika will be in Sydney next month we have a date.....

SO...., Please spread the word to all and sundry, who may have known or worked with Mal. All are welcome.
I do not have every body on my mail list so pleasec pass on this message.

If you are unable to 'make it' feel free to email one of us your favourite Mal story.

Mal has been a good mate to many of us and has been big part of our industry, especially those involved in Film and Telecines.

The Venue,
The Venue is the Crows Nest Hotel at the five ways The Front Bar will be reserved exclusively for us from 1800 Hrs to 2100 Hrs. Obviously the pub doesnât close after that so we can stay as long as we wish.

The Date,
The Date is Friday 16 March

Bar....There will be no Bar tab, so it will be 'Pay for your own'

If you are attending can you please RSVP to myself or Berny Loyd or Charlie Hull so we can get a rough idea of the numbers.
There will be a video complied by Roy Andrews, so bring along your 'Mal' stories and

See you there



irichardson@cuttingedge.com.au Ian D Richardson Engineering