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Family History Society Singleton inc - FHSS PRESIDENTíS COMMENTS
December 2012
I sincerely hope you are all well and happy and that your festive season is both enjoyable and safe. With the efforts of a few we have yet again accomplished much in 2012. I again ask for your consideration in giving some time to assist the Society in 2013; it would certainly be appreciated and you do learn a great deal in the process.

The Society has just received two upgraded rebuilt computers thanks to Greg Norris; Greg has also donated a router. Keeping up with technology and still being able to access old data bases is truly frustrating and in the coming years as technology outpaces us it will only become more relevant. Are we just creating a black hole for the future? This question needs to become a topic of conversation, debate and discussion now rather than later.

My holiday task or intention is always to sort my desk out; my desk at times no, thatís most of the time, looks chaotic but its organised chaos. As 2012 draws to a close and I have another year of Ďget to latersí pile on it, Iíve come to realised there will always be a Ďget to laterí pile as there is always something else to find. You just keep turning it over, finding a little here and a little there and as more and more data becomes accessible you just never know what will turn up in the future. It has become a family joke as I threaten my family with ďIím leaving that to youĒ and constantly search their faces to see who will be the next generationís family caretaker. I am lucky to say I have a couple of candidates in the running but I wonít leave it to fate, Iíll make sure there is a copy in our Library and a couple of other places as well. Where are you going to leave yours?

I close and extend to you my very best wishes for the festive season and hope you and yours are well and happy as we head into 2013. 2013 brings lots of commemorative activities in Singleton such as the Masonic Hall, All Saintsí Church, the Railway to name but a few; perhaps one of these celebrations will be of interests so keep an eye out for the details. As 13 is my lucky number I am looking forward to a lucky year; well maybe just a year where I donít finish with too many Ďget to latersí cluttering the desk will be a blessing.
Best wishes and catch ya lata

Regards Lyn