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  • 26 Genealogy Tips to Get You Started
    - These hints will help you get started becoming a genealogist! These are a few suggestions that I have that will not only get you started, but bond you closer to your relatives and future generations.
  • Abbreviations used in genealogy
  • Genealogy Education: Research Facts
    - Obtaining an education in Genealogy is a skill that can be developed, but like most things it requires knowledge and practice to get good at it. The following topics provide a "crash course" in Genealogy 101.
  • GenSuck
    - Discussing the pitfalls of Genealogy in a radio show format.
  • Getting Started in Genealogy and Family History
    - This server aims to provide you with information and sources of guidance on both genealogy and family history. However in this brief account we will concentrate on providing some very basic advice on genealogy
  • Professional Genealogists and Genealogy Services Directory:
    - Professional genealogists, adoption and missing people researchers, translators, military and historical researchers, heraldry specialists, heir and estate researchers, photographers, and more! genealogyPro has aproximately 130 independent genealogy-related services and products to serve you
  • RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees