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Jakob Pur (Baur) of Dettenhausen is listed in the Muster Register of 1526 being over 30 years of age. In 1536 Jakob is mentioned as having a pike and an armour. Thanks to an old German bible, the records located by a very good German researcher ( Friedrich Wollmerhauser) and making contact with 2 present day relatives ( Eberhard Zimmerman and Eberhard Bauer ) in Dettenhausen, I have been able to take my Bauer lineage back to the late 14th century.
These generations of Bauers went through the same life cycle in this small village and as with tradition in most countries of the world in those days, these Bauers married into the other established families of the village.These other family surnames are also made prominent in this Bauer page. My great-great Grandfather, Johann Andreas Bauer was born in 1836 in Dettenhausen and in 1857 (with his wife) boarded a ship called the "Gotthorp" at the Port of Bremen and left their old life behind them to start a new one in the colony of NSW, Australia. By 1858 they had arrived in the Singleton district and went straight to Goorangoola Station and later to Campbells Creek. There are many descendants of the original Bauer family still in the Singleton area.
The Bower (Bauer) family in the Goorangoola and Campbell Creek area.
 Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 - GOORANGOOLA  Family Images
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