Drake - Historical Sites

Drake House
- Plainfield's historic link with its colonial past, was built in 1746 by Isaac Drake as a home for his son, Nathaniel. Today it is a City-owned public museum administered by the Historical Society of Plainfield.
Drake Well Museum
- Drake Well Museum in Titusville, Pa. is on the site where Edwin L. Drake drilled the world's first oil well in 1859 and launched the modern petroleum industry.
James Drake House (c. 1850)
- This two-story brick house with asymmetrical facade was built in the mid-nineteenth century. The house, situated on 74 acres of land bisected by a tributary of Redbird Creek, faced Upper Mill Road (now Drake Road.) Until the early twentieth century, Upper Mill Road ran all the way down the hill to Wooster Pike, providing easy access to Newtown Bridge and the Armstrong Mills on the Little Miami River.
Old Drake Hill Bridge
- The Old Drake Hill Bridge in Simsbury, Connecticut is a unique example of 19th century metal-truss bridge construction. It spans 183 feet and carries a 12 foot roadway suspended 18 feet over the beautiful Farmington River.