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Drake reference books
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Drake Genealogy Books
most old books would only be available at large libraries.
If you would like your Drake family history added to this list - please send me an email with your details to Roy Andrews - drake@xroyvision.com.au It will take about a week before your website link will appear on this database - or post any enquiries - comments directly onto the DRAKE MESSAGE BOARD. Add your genealogy ( and non ) links to the FREE FOR ALL LINKS DIRECTORY
  • A History of the Drake Family of Churchstanton,Teignmouth and Australia, - by Sophia Daphne Drake. Special Australian Edition,1950. privately published. I ( Roy Andrews) have a copy for any lookups.
  • Amiable Renegade [The Memoirs of Capt Peter Drake 1671-1753], by Capt. Peter Drake. First published in 1755 and then suppressed by his family. Only eight original copies exist. Reprinted 1960 by Stanford University Press. An interesting and amazing story of the life of Peter Drake, one of the Drake's of Drakerath in Co. Meath in Ireland. Original copies in the British Library, Cambridge University.
    Reprint available from Amazon Books (they are on the Web).
  • Ancestors and Descendants of Lewis Ross Freeman/ with Related Families/ Based partially on the work of/ Freeman Worth Gardner/ and/ Willis Freeman - by Patty Barthell Myers; Copyright 1995 Florence B. Myers. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 94-68725, published by Penobscot Press, Rockport, Maine. There are about 100 Drake references from this book and these Drakes are from Woodbridge, NJ & vicinity. Oliver D. Drake of NJ was a noted genealogist whose papers are at Rutgers University under "Special Collections, Rutgers Univ., Oliver D. Drake File."
  • A Survey of Devon - by Tristram Risdon. (London,1811.) compiled before 1640.
  • A View to Devon. - (before 1630). - by Thos Westcote. ( Exeter,1845)
  • Axminister Church - by J.B.Davidson ( Exeter,1835.)
  • BIBLIOGRAPHY- Amiable Renegade: The Memoirs of Captain Peter Drake. The Name of Drake. History of Piscataway Township. Sir Francis Drake. Genealogical information from various historical societies.
    Over several decades Drake genealogical and historical information has been gathered by the author,a New Jersey native. It is now available in a loose leaf folder, 49 pages of desk top printing, 8 ½”x11”. Such format lends opportunity to add information as a buyer sees fit. Price of the booklet is $15. Remit payment to Albert N. Drake, Box 1656, Sanibel, Florida 33957
  • Book of the (river) Axe. - by George Pulman. ( London,1875.)
  • Collections towards a history of Devon. - by Sir William Pole. ( pub London,1791.) Compiled before 1635.
  • "Collins Historical Sketches of Kentucky" mentions first settlers of Mayslick, they were three brothers, Abraham , Cornelius, and Isaac Drake (sons of Nathaniel Drake, of Plainfield, Essex County, New Jersey), David Morris and John Shotwell, with their families.
  • Devon and Cornwall notes and queries - Vols1, 4-9 ( consult indexes at the end.)
  • Devonshire Association Transactions Vol 15
  • Devonshire Pedigrees from the 1620 Visitation. - by John Tuckett. ( London,18??)
  • Drake Genealogy in the Line of Samuel Drake of Lower Smithfield Township, Northampton (Now Monroe) County, Pennsylvania. (1926). CS/71/D76/1926 - DRAKE Avery, Lillian D.
  • DRAKE, ARRINGTON, WHITE-TURNER, LINN-BROWN - by Jo White Linn. Very good book for those researching DRAKES from NC.
  • DRAKE’S BAY: UNRAVELLING CALIFORNIA’S GREAT MARITIME MYSTERY - Authored/published by Brian T. Kelleher, P.O. Box 850, Cupertino, California, 95014 Copyright 1997
  • Drake family, of Yorkshire PEDIGREE neatly written in ink with red lines, size 20" x 72", made up of sheets pasted together, many folds. Covers mid 16th century to early 19th. c1880. £25.00 * On verso is a quote from a letter from the Revd. J. Hunter of Hallamshire to I.J. Allen, 'comparing this pedigree with his own collections'.
    -Ambra Books catalogue - 334
  • ESTATE OF FRANCIS DRAKE'S DAUGHTER Trevelyan family THE CASE OF ELIZABETH BAMPFYLDE WIDOW, AND HER ORPHAN CHILDREN Defendants, At the suit of Sir John Rolle, Plaintiff, in a Writ of Error in the House of Peers. Single printed sheet, size 16" x 13", folds,printed on one side only, title on verso. Small British Library stamp on verso,together with red 'Discard' stamp. 17 paragraphs detailing the case which involved severall well-known Devon families. [London? 1702] £90.00
    -Ambra Books catalogue Cat LA31 Item 71.
  • Family and Heirs of Sir Francis Drake - by Lady Elliott Drake, published 1911 in England by Smith Elder and Co., 15 Waterlot Place Southwest. (in 2 volumes) .Her notes and transcripts used in the preparation of this book are in the Devon County Record Office - Drake Papers, 346M.
  • From Mill Wheel to Plowshare - by Julia Angeline Drake and James Ridgely Orndorff, 1938.
  • FRONTIER HERITAGE, 1272-1899, is a compilation of facts on people named Drake. CONTENTS - Drakes in Historical England. Drakes in Historical Ireland. Drakes in America from 1630. Drakes in Historical New Hampshire,New Jersey and Kentucky. Colonial life and Revolutionary War participation. Albert N Drake
  • Genealogical and Biographical Account of the Family of Drake in America. With Some Notices of the Antiquities Connected with the Early Times of Persons of the Name in England. (1845). CS/71/D76/1845 - DRAKE , Samuel G.
  • "HISTORY OF CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY, NEW YORK" . By ANDREW W. YOUNG. TOMPKINS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY Ithaca, N. Y. There is a picture of Jeremiah Drake, He was a very handsome man.
  • "HISTORICAL SKETCHES OF THE REVOLUTIONARY AND CIVIL WARS", - DRAKE, J. 1908. 272 pages. ' The author served with the 9TH NEW JERSEY. He also gives an account of his desperate leap from a swiftly moving train of cars, and a fatiguing tramp of 1,000 miles through three Confederate states, in making his escape from a Prison-pen. DRAKE won the MEDAL OF HONOR at Burmuda Hundred. About half the book deals with the N.J. Continentals in the Revolution. Excellent content here.' Good 1st Edition
  • Meet the Drakes on the Kentucky Frontier - "These books are based on fact and depict the lives of the Drake family, who moved to the unsettled Kentucky frontier in 1781, and the Ward family, who traveled on the Oregon Trail in the 1850s. The Drakes' eldest son, Dan, dreamed of being a doctor, but was expected to follow in his father's footsteps and become a farmer
  • Neweham Abbey - J.B.Davidson ( London, 1843.)
  • Notes and Notelets - by Sir William Drake. Published privately in 18??.
  • Now in our fourth century : some American families : Paul wrote the book because there was nothing worthwhile in print concerning the early 18th century Drakes of Tidewater VA. It is a documentary and pictorial history of some twenty-five families who were settled in the American Colonies before the year 1750, more than fifteen of whom arrived before 1700, and of more than 4000 of their ancestors, kin, and descendants. Of particular importance are some probable ancestors and many descendants of the brothers Thomas and Richard Drake of 17th Century Isle of Wight, VA, and the related families of Cole, Dimmit (Demmit, etc.), Freeburn, Fridley, Griffith (Griffen, etc.), Hines, Hunt, Kitchen (Kinchen, etc.), Matheny (Metheney, etc.), Parker, Roberts, Snyder (Schneider, etc.), and more than sixty other associated lines. A family history that combines familiar elements -- charts, narratives, illustrations and photographs, with well-documented historical facts, resulting in a richly detailed, interesting family treasure. 1994, 586 pp., 8.5x11, illus., maps, appendices, and index.
    by Paul D. Drake, 1994, Heritage Books - (soon to be available from Heritage in CD-Rom)
  • On the Ancient History of Exmouth - - J.B.Davidson ( 1885.)
  • Our Ancestors, Benjamin Drake&Saka Buchanan. - by Leo Drake
  • Quintin's Family History Centre Family Genealogies "D" - 8 different Drake books catalogued here
  • Sir Francis Drake - by E.F.Benson. ( London, The Bodley Head).
  • "Tennesseans before 1800 - Davidson Co" by Fischer - the author lists and "Inv" for Benjamin Drake, Sr in 1791. There are many entries for the same name but 1791 is the date of the last entry for him.
  • "The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy --First Families of America" Volume III - Published in Chicago, ILL in 1928.- a descent from Josias Jansze (Dratz) Drake was published on page 40
  • "The Descendants of John Drake of Windsor, Connecticut" Compiled under the direction of Frank B. Gay. Published by The Tuttle Company in 1933. 358 Pages.
    Available from Tuttle Antiquarian Books
  • "The Drake Family in England and America 1360-1895 and the Descendants of Thomas Drake of Weymouth, Mass. - 1635-1691" - by Louis Stoughton Drake, published in Boston in 1896.
    Available from Tuttle Antiquarian Books
  • The Drake Family of New Hampshire. Robert, of Hampton and Some of His Descendants: a Genealogy with a Historical Introduction on the Family Background in England by Sir Anthony Richard Wagner. (1962). CS/71/D76/1962 - DRAKE Thompson, Alice S.
  • The Drake Family of Ray & Clay County Missouri. compiled by Linda Lucille Womack and Kenneth Irvin Drake. Denver, Colorado : Linda Womack, Kenneth Drake, c1983 Ray REF 929.2 DRA
  • "The Drakes of Van Buren County" The book is out of print and contains information regarding Joshua Cope Drake. by Toni Benson.
  • "The Family of Sir Francis Drake" and privately printed by Rev. Thomas Hervey.
  • The Home Place: A Memory and a Celebration
    - Published in Paperback by Mercer University Press (April, 1998)
    A Gift of Family Spirit
    Robert Drake's remembrances of the Drake family is a touching, humane celebration of depth in family and relationships. Drake's sensibilities carry the reader to the core of family connections which currently appear to be changing, if not lost. The reader cannot but experience some sense of grief in bearing with Drake on his journey into the past, but it is a grief that opens one to more of what it is to be genuinely human and alive to the spirit of true family life. Drake has been generous in his gift to the reader.
  • "The Kith & Kin of Captain James Leeper and Susan Drake, his wife" by Nell McNish Gambill. - information on the Tennessee Drakes.
  • "The Mysterious Drake's of Southwest Virginia" - By Helen Blankenship Roesch. Route 6 Box 165 Aubuan, New York 13021
  • "THE SEARCH FOR THE ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS OF HENRY BRASATER DRAKE OF COLES COUNTY, ILLINOIS" By Michael E. Drake, 1996, Heritage Books. There must be 300 DRAKE's in it. It states on the back cover that his research covers many DRAKE lines from the 17th Century English immigrants in Virginia to the Pioneer settlers of NC and KY and to the many DRAKE's in the Author's home State of IL. Greenberry Drake of Barren Co., KY, William DRAKE of Franklin Co., VA and John and Margaret Weldon DRAKE of England and Virginia, Jefferson Drake and Josephus Drake. Also the Great-grandfather, Henry Brasater Drake (Born 1862). NOW AVAILABLE TO VIEW ONLINE
  • The Visitations of Devon, 1564. - F.T.Colby. (Exeter 1881.)
  • Visitations of Devon in 1531,1564,1620,with additions ( to the pedigrees). - by J.L.Vivian. (Exeter,1895) a good deal of Vivian's work has been found to be inaccurate through careless editing.
  • Worthies of Devon (1701). - by John Prince. ( London,1810)