Centennial Edition

National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
Centennial Administration
Mrs. Eldred Martin Yochim
President General
Washington 1990

Page 872 DRAKE Aaron: born 8-30-1735 CT died 7-27-1825 NY married Chloe Gillet Private MA Abiel: born 10-27-1734 MA died 11-13-1824 MA married (1) Bathsheba Hewitt (2) Susannah Keith (3) Charity Hewit Private MA Abraham SR.: born 12-4-1715 NH died 8-1-1781 married (1) Abigail Weare (2) Abigail Dearborn Colonel NH Abraham JR. : born 2-3-1745 NH died 5-11-1819 NH married Mary Jenness Lt PS NH Abraham Sr: born 3-1-1726 NH died 1805 NH married Martha Eaton PS NH Abraham Jr.: born 6-7-1758 NH died 3-4-1832 married (1) Ann Burnham (2) Mrs. Anna Smith Private NH WPNS Adam: born 2-1-1761 MA died 7-23-1841 MA married Susanna Kingman Private MA Albritain: born 1760 NC died 11-14-1835 KY married Ruth Collins Private NC PNSR WPNS Amasa: born 12-8- 1750 CT died 2-10-1838 CT married Lydia Webb Private CT Andrew: born 8-15-1746 NJ died 10-14-1827 NJ married Eunice Martin Private NJ Archippus: baptized 6-24-1753 MA died 6-19-1826 MA married Mary Holmes Private MA Ariel: born 1756 NH died 10-9-1827 NH married Phyllis Jillson Private NH Asahel: born 10-10-1745 CT died 7-26-1825 PA married (1) Mary Woodruff (2) Naomi Culver Private CL NY Benjamin: born 5-10-1746 NJ died 3-26-1810 NJ married Sarah Wood Private NJ Benjamin: born 4-18-1766 NY died 12-22-1844 OH married Deborah Ferris Private NY PNSR Benjamin: born a 1740 NY died 6-12-1812 NY married Martha Seaman PS NY Benjamin: born 1729 died 1-1-1827 TN married Sarah ( Sallie) Buchanan Soldier VA Benjamin: born 6-10-1742 VA died 3-15-1822 VA married Rachel Davis Soldier VA Cornelius: 10-20-1754 died 12-15-1839 NY married (unknown) Sgt NJ Cornelius: born 1756 NY died 1810 KY married Polly Masters Private NY Daniel: born 12-21-1743 MA died 3-27-1810 NH married Lois Reed Captain MA Daniel: born 11-14-1732 NJ died 2-8-1818 NJ married (1) Hannah Anderson (2) Phebe Reeder (3) Thisbie Anderson Britton CS NJ
Page 873 DRAKE: David: born 1-28-1732 MA died 1-14-1780 MA married Hannah Clark Private MA David Grosset: born 12-22-1759 NY died 6-3-1850 NY married Mary Smith Private NY PNSR Ebenezer: born 10-30-1754 MA died 12-14-1829 ME married (1) (unknown) (2) Martha Gurney Private MA Edmund: born 1732 VA died 11- -1803 NC married Mary Mann CS NC Edward: born 7-9-1763 MA died 2-28-1830 married Hannah White Soldier MA Elias: born 11-25-1754 MA died 8-7-1804 NY married Mary Harlow Cpl MA Elijah: born 7-4-1760 PA died 4-8-1848 MI married Abigail Stoddard Private PA
Page 873 DRAKE cont Elisha: born 1716 NJ died 10-19-1793 NJ married Christiana ---- Captain NJ Enoch: born 2-15-1761 NJ died 10-19-1823 married Catherine Stout Private NJ Ephraim: born c 1760 VA died p 12-13-1816 TN married Ann Buchanan Soldier VA Exum born c 1750 VA died p 1820 NC married (unknown) Private NC Garrardus: born 1685 EN died 5-20-1797 NY married Martha Russell PS NY George: born 9-21-1735 EN died 1825 VA married Susannah Collier Private NJ Gideon: born 5-20-1758 CT died 1-15-1831 MA married Anna Allen Private CT Gilbert: born 1720 NY died 1-8-1809 NY married (1) Elizabeth Underhill (2) Ruth Thompkins Colonel NY Hartwell (Hodges) (Davis) : born c 1729 VA died p 7-6-1791 NC married (1) Thomas Diadems (2) James Deirdre PS NC Hezekiah: born 7-19-1736 MA died 2-24-1799 MA married Elizabeth Packard Private MA Issac: born 5-31-1753 MA died 5-13-1800 MA married Jane Crossman Private MA Issac: born c 1756 VA died 5-13-1815 TN married Jane Todd PS NC Issac: born 1756 NJ died 1832 OH married Elizabeth Shotwell Private NJ Issac: born 2- - 1764 NJ died 6-29-1837 MO married Frances (Fannie) --- Private NJ PA Jacob: born 4-21-1732 NJ died 9-18-1823 NJ married (1) Charity Young (2) Esther Dickerson Colonel NJ Jacob: born 1-13-1746 NJ died 5-23-1827 PA married Elizabeth Neely 1Lt PA James: born 5-8-1725 EN died 1791 VA married (1) Sophia Valentine (2) Hartwell (Hodges) Davis PS NC James: born 11-14-1755 NH died 2-26-1834 NH married Hannah Ward Private NH PNSR WPNS James: born 1746-8 NJ died 3-16-1816 NY married Rachel --- Private NJ James: born c 1740 VA died 12- -1796 VA married Molly --- 2Lt VA Jeremiah SR.: born 1726 NY died 5-6-1784 NY married (1) Frances Purdy (2) Martha Deason Captain PS NY Jeremiah JR.: born 5- -1763 NY died 6-23-1845 NY married Phebe Reynolds Private NY PNSR Jesse: baptized 8-31-1760 PA died 5-17-1833 PA married Mrs. Thomas Private PA John: born 8-13-1757 MA died 2-18-1834 married Molly Cole Private MA John: born 1754 NJ died 1-20-1835 NJ married Phebe Hunt Private PS NJ John: born 1733 NY died 8-28-1784 NJ married Sarah Perry Soldier PS NJ John: born 9-5-1748 NJ died 3-3-1839 AL married Jane (Jean) Neally Soldier VA Jonah: born 9-6-1747 CT died 10-20-1831 MA married Sarah Ward Soldier CT Jonathon: born 1-15-1758 NH died 3-21-1848 NH married Sarah Ward Private NH Joseph: born 1725/6 CT died p 9-17-1788 CT married (1) Elizabeth Barber (2) Olive ---- (3) Abigail --- Private CT Joseph Sr.: born 4-1-1706 MA died 6-8-1791 MA married Bethiah Brett Private CS MA Joseph Jr. born 10-25-1737 MA died 2-8-1810 MA married Ruth Keith Private MA Joseph: born a 1746 NJ died p 1788 PA married Elizabeth Crow Mil NJ Joseph: born 1719 NY died 1-20-1785 NY married Charity Fowler Colonel NY
Page 874 Joseph: born c 1720 NY died 8-12-1807 NY married (1) (unknown) (2) Amy Carman PS NY Joshua: born 10-14-1759 died 2-28-1818 NY married Ann (Nancy) Nelson Captain PS NY Lemuel: 9-7-1754 CT died 1-17-1837 CT married Esther Burnham Private CT Lory: born 5- 9-1759 CT died 3-29-1805 CT married (1) Amelia Mills (2) Sally Clark Private CT Matthew: born 1752 NC died a 5- -1810 NC married Ann Arrington CS NC Melzar: born 10-30-1761 MA died 1-19-1812 MA married Chloe Morse Private MA Nathan Sr.: born 1-15-1732/3 MA died 11-15-1815 MA married (1) Jemima Gay (2) Mrs. Sarah SmithPrivate MA Nathan Jr. born 11-30-1760 MA died 4-26-1846 MA married Jane Tolman Private MA
DRAKES cont. Page 874 cont. Nathan: born 10-6-1746 NJ died 11-26-1816 KY married (1) Tamar Jones (2) Mrs. Jerusha Larrison Private NJ Nathan: born --- died 1804 NJ married (1) (unknown) (2) Elizabeth Stout (3) Elizabeth Yates CS NJ Noah: born 9-10-1758 MA died 3-3-1849 CT married Anna Parsons Private CT Oliver: born 5-15-1758 MA died 3-3-1828 ME married Phebe Codding Private Mar MA PNSR Oliver: born 1754 MA died 4-6-1838 MA married Ruth Deirdre Private MA Oliver: born 1-25-1745 died p 2-4-1809 PA married Frances Skinner Captain PA Paul: born 1-17-1761 NJ died 9-4-1828 NJ married (1) Mary Luce (2) Lydia Hays Tms NJ Perez: born 1-3-1759 MA died --- NY married Alice Manning Sgt NY Richard: born 2-7-1745 MA died 1777 married Mary Young Matr Private MA Richard: born 6-13-1759 NY died 2-2-1836 NY married Mary Wood Private NY PNSR Robert Sr.: born 11- -1723 MA died 2-2-1797 MA married (1) Mary Forbes (2) Susannah Chubbuck Thorne Cpl MA Robert Jr.: born 4-27-1752 MA died 8-22-1802 married Rebecca Wade Cpl MA Samuel: born 9-12-1725 CT died 1796 CT married Martha Pratt Private CT Samuel: born 12-15-1714 NH died 1-3-1786 married Esther Hobbs Private NH Samuel: born 4-30-1730 NY died 5-14-1794 NY married (1) Rebeckah --- (2) Mary Haight (3) Patience --- Colonel NY Samuel: born 1746 NY died p 1810 NY married Eunice Carpenter Soldier NY Samuel: born c 1740 died 1789 PA married Sarah Handy Captain PA Samuel: born 1747 NJ died 8-11-1826 PA married Nancy Hamilton Private PA Simon: born --- died 5-30-1826 ME married Tamson Clark Private NH WPNS Simon: born 10-4-1730 NH died 3-6-1801 NH married Judith Perkins Private NH Thomas: born 2-12-1739 MA died 2-9-1798 MA married Mary Manley Sgt MA Thomas: born 9-18-1751 MA died 12-2-1803 MA married Hannah Hewitt Private MA Thomas: born 3-11-1742 NH died p 1775 NH married (1) Patience Towle (2) Lydia Norris (3) Molly Burnham Private PS NH Thomas: born 1724 NJ died 3-10-1792 NJ married Dorothy Van Kirk Lt NJ Thomas: born 6-8-1762 NJ died 8-6-1825 NJ married Elizabeth Reeder Soldier CL NJ Thomas: born 7-13-1728 died 7-25-1811 VA married Eurah Humphreys PS VA Thomas: born 1760/1 VA died 3-24-1835 TN married Catherine Vaughan Private VA PNSR Timothy: born 5-2-1764 MA died p 1804 m Polly Dunbar Private MA William Sr.: born 1729 MA died p 1787 married (1) Phebe Leonard (2) Olive Crossman Private MA William Jr.: born 9-2-1756 MA died 1812 married Eunice Hamlin Soldier MA William: born 6-29-1755 MA died 1-4-1833 MA married Susannnah Harlow Private MA William: born 1762 died 12-14-1848 MA married Abigail Shaw Private MA
Page 875 DRAKE: William: born 1-3-1757 NJ died 8- -1822 OH married Anna Turrel Private NJ William: born 1722 died 4-29-1802 NY married Ruth Elliott Private NY Zachariah: born 7-6-1748 MA died 1-14-1818 MA married Mary Smith Private MA Zephaniah: born 1-12-1736 died 10-27-1823 NJ married Anna Knapp PS NJ Bonnie McVicar-Briggs personal email: bbbriggs@shiatel.tds.net USGENWEB PROJECT County Coordinator Shiawassee County, MI County email: mishiawa@shiatel.tds.net