Our Drakes in New Jersey.
 Drake family history
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Cynthia Rummel's letter "Our Drakes in New Jersey." - Zachariah Drake
From: "Douglas Drake"
To: "DRAKE family genealogy list" Subject: Zachariah Drake
Date: Sunday, 9 March 1997 12:17 AM
The following is quoted from Cynthia Rummel's letter "Our Drakes in New Jersey."

IV. ZACHARIAH DRAKE (4) Benjamin (3) Rev. John (2) Capt. Francis (1)

-born before 1725, probably Hopewell Township, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey; died 1766 (will), Upper Makefield Township, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. I do not know when he removed to Bucks Co. - have found no record of him there excepting his will - however, in 1749 he was a member of the Baptist Church at Hopewell (Gedney, "Pioneers of Old Hopewell", p. 131).

He m. Elizabeth Blackwell (dtr of Robert and Elizabeth Blackwell of Hopewell - see below his will).

Children: (1st two, at least, born Hopewell, N.J.)

*a) Jacob b. Jan. 13, 1746 - m. Elizabeth Neely

b) John b. Sep. 5, 1748 - m. Jane Neely (to VA & AL)

c) Benjamin b. - nothing further known

*d) Robert b. 1752 - m. 1) Sarah Paxson

e) Elizabeth b. - unmarried; her will dated Sept. 4, 1839, Middletown, Bucks Co., Pa. - see below.

f) Mary b. - unmarried

g) Ann b. - perhaps m. Joseph Hayhurst, Sept. 13, 1798, Middletown Monthly Meeting, Bucks Co. (Pa. Arch., 2nd ser. v.9, p.226).

h) Hannah b. - nothing further known

* family given below

Contemporary records:

June 17, 1749 - ZACHARIAH Drake joined Hopewell Baptist Church, (Gedney, p.131)

July 21, 1750 - Will of John Drake, Hopewell Twp. - Zachariah Drake a witness. (N.J. Arch. v. 30, p. 151).

May 6, 1751. Will of Robert Blackwell of Hopewell. Eldest son Robert unmarried. Dtr Anne (single). Second son Francis, 105 acres where he lives. Third son Thomas, 166 acres where he lives. Youngest son Jacob, rest of plantation. Son Robert, plantation. Dtrs Mary, Anne and Elizabeth, money from sale of movables. Exrs: Sons Francis and Jacob. Wit: Joseph Moore, Vinson Runyan, Reuben Armitage. Pr. Apr. 11, 1757. 1757, Apr. 8. Inventory 86 pounds 0. 0. by Reuben Armitage and Jon Furman. 1768, Aug. 24. Account 206 pounds 0. 0. Paid James Yates and his wife, legatee, 48 pounds, 11. 2.; ZACHARIAH Drake and wife, legatee, 48 pounds 11.2.; Ann Blackwell, legacy; Ephraim Manning and wife. Lib. 8 p. 401; 13 p. 439 (N.J. Arch. 1st ser. v. 32, p.32)

Feb. 7, 1753 - will of Francis Drake, Hopewell Twp - mentions brothers Zachariah, Edmond and Daniel. a wit. Zachariah Drake. (Arch. v.32, p.97)

June 22, 1763 - Zachariah named an executor of his father Benjamin's will - Hopewell Twp. (Arch. v.33 p.120).

The following wills abstracted by C.W.Rummel.

Will of Zachariah Drake of Upper Makefield, Bucks Co., Pa., Yeoman, signed Jan 28, 1766; proved Apr. 12, 1766. Wife Elizabeth; until my children respectively arrive to 21 yrs of age; children: Jacob, John, Benjamin, Robert, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Hannah. Brother Daniel Drake. "Bind out my children apprentices...to such trades as they shall chose". Exrs: Wife Elizabeth Drake, brother Daniel Drake of Hopewell in West New Jersey, friend Joseph Hamton of Wrightstown. Signed by name. Wit: Saml Merrick, Robert Comfort, James McNair. Registered Will Book C, p.141 #1191.

Will of Elizabeth Drake of Middletown, Bucks Co., Pa., signed the 4th day of the 9th month, 1839. Dtrs of my niece Elizabeth Neily; sons of my niece Anna Heilfbridge; sons of my brother John Drake: John, Andrew, William, Elijah and Neily; my nieces Elizabeth Cary and Ann Drake; nephew Zachariah Drake and his wife; my brother Jacob's dtr Elizabeth; the children of my brother Jacob and of my brother Robert. Exr: Joseph Watson the son of John Watson of Middletown. Wit: John Watson Jr., Thomas E. Longshore.

Bucks Co. Orphans Court - File #6009: Elizabeth Drake of Middletown - Joseph Watson, Exr., Nov. 5, 1846 - Settlement. Feb. 7, 1848 - Auditors Report...Creditors: Ann Drake, Silas Cary, Alice W. Gann

1790 Census, Bucks Co., Pa. - Index:
p.50 Elizabeth Drake
p.51 Robert Drake
p.54 Jacob Drake

Recorder of Deeds Office - Bucks Co., - Doylestown, Pa. (copied Apr. 24, 1961 by C. Rummel)

Deed Book 20, page 272 - 3rd day of 3rd mo., 1784 - Robert Adair of Middletown Twp to Robert Drake "now of Newtown, Cooper" - L90 - 1 acre in Attleborough in Middletown Twp.

Deed Book 27 p. 57 - Feb. 18, 1792 - Heirs of Thomas Paxton, heir of Wm Paxton formerly of Middletown...including Robert Drake & Sarah his wife...(lots about Paxtons).

Deed Book 30 p.154 - Mar. 6, 1799 - Robert Drake of Attlebury & Rachel his wife to Wm Paxton (sells the land bought in 1784).

Bucks Co. Orphans Court File #2134 - Robert Drake - Estate Settlement, Mar. 12, 1811 - Cash pd to (long list, incl.): Ann Drake, Mary Drake, Elizabeth Cary,... Elizabeth Drake for Apparel (Widows Legacy)...Elizabeth Drake, Total: $3623.82

Zachariah Drake lived in or near what is now the Washington Crossing National Park. The Thompson Neely house is still there, and I believe that Jane Neely, wife of Zachariah's son John, was sister to William Neely, who owned the T-N house, whence G. Washington is supposed to have planned the Delaware Crossing.