THE WILL OF REV. JOHN DRAKE of Piscataway, New Jersey

Presented by Daniel "DUCKY" Drake ; 28 January, 2004 ; email ;

In the Name God Amen the Seventh Day of April in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty, I John Drake "sener" (senior) of the County of Essex and Province of New Jersey yeoman being in perfect health and memory thanks be to amighty God therefore and knowing the certaintyof Death therefore Do make and or Dain this my Last will and Testament and firs (first) of all I recommend my Soul into the hands of God that Gave itt (it) and I Recommend my body to the earth to be Buried Decently by my Executors and as touching such good as God hath blest me with I give and Dispose of the same In manner and form as following and first of all I orDain and appoint hat all my Lawfull be paid by my Executors afternamed,

Item I give unto my son Benjamin Drake sixteen pound

" " " " " " Isaac Drake nineteen pound
" " " " " " Abraham Drake sixteen pound
" " " " " " Sammuel Drake Twenty pound
" " " " " daughter Sarah Fullsom seaven (seven) shilling
" " " " " grandson Abraham Drake seaven (seven) pound
" " " " " grandson John Drake six pound
" " " " " grandson Phillip Drake seven pound
" " " " " grandson Gersham Drake seven pound
" I give unto Samul Davis and Thomas Davises Children he had by my daughter Mary Davis five pound Each of them.
" I give unto Mary Davis Daughter of the said Mary Davis Deceased
£(pounds) 3.
" I give unto Edward Slater six pound
" I give unto Allirhiah (maybe Allijah?) Skibbo Eight pound
" I give unto Elizabeth Hull Wife of Benjaman Hull Esqr. three pound
" I give unto Filibrates Martain (Martin) the wife of Benjaman Martain
£ 3.
" I give unto my daughter in Law Patience Drake ( left blank)
" I give unto my daughter Sarah Drake three pound
(Widow of son John)
" I give unto Moses Fitz Randolph Thirty Pound
[probably thermoses who married Rachel, daughter of Benjamin & Sarah (Drake) Hull Rev. John’s granddaughter]
" I give unto Christian bebout five pounds
" I give unto the poor of iscataqua five pounds.
" I will that if any of the above mentioned Legatorys shall be uneasy turbulent or trouble
to my Executors that he or they shall forfit (forfeit) their Respect Leagaies there of which said Leagaies shall be disposed of as the rest of my Estate there after mentioned

" I will that the remainder ofmy Estate if any there be to be Devided Equilly (divide equally) a mongstt my own Children onely my Daughter Sarah Fulson which I give nothing by the seven shilling and I do hearby make apoint (appoint) Constitute and Ordain my well beloved Gransons (grandsons) Sammuel Drake and Jonas Drake And Hannah Drake there (their) mother to be my only and Sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament Revising Disannulling all other testaments or wills hereto fore By me made in word or writing and this one to be taken for my Last Will and Testament and no other. In Witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the … (unsure – seem to be missing something; will go to next page)


And the year first above written ( likely year 1740)

Dealed and Delivered and published by the said John Drake to be his Last will and John Drake L.S. Testament in the presents (presence) of us.

James Manning

Grace Manning

David Drake


"I HNNAH Drake wife of Isaac Drake in the Co. (County) of Essex and Province of East New Jersey being nomanated (nominated) and appointed for to be an Excexectrix (executrix0 in the Last Will ad Testament of John Drake late of Piscatwa and Co. of Mdx (Middlesex0 (deceased) Together with my two Sons, Sam and Jonas Drake Excexetors with me of the sd (said) will and Testament above sd (said): and finding myself by age and other inabilities not capable of Performing the offices of an Executor. I hereby resigne all my power up to the Exectors above sd (said) to act and Do in the Offices as well with out me as if I was not appointed: As witness Myhand and seal this 30th day of September 1741"


Witnesses: John Blackford Juner (Jr) her

Jacob Thorp Hanah X Drake (Seal)



__________Recorded at Trenton under 1107-G_____________


Occasional spelling clarifications & comments provided by Oliver Drake & Daniel Drake

This reformatted copy of the Will is based upon a copy made by Oliver Drake, a noted genealogist & researcher; Oliver Drake’s copy of the will was included In the +80 page Manuscript by Edith Drake Hyde per her Drake Research conducted over several decades (1930-1950’s); published in 1959.

Daniel Francis Perry Drake (also known as Daniel "DUCKY" Drake) obtained this Manuscript via the New Jersey Genealogical Society’s Special Collections located at Rutgers University; in the "Rankin/Drake Collection."

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