Addalasky Drake married Cynthia "Sintha" Main July 3, 1888.
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I have four pictures of the Drakes in our family. One with a very unusual name. Addalasky Drake married my great Aunt Sintha Main. I also have Elmer Drake and his son Alvie Drake. But the WW1 photo I have of an ALvin Drake I can't seem to connect to this family. Perhaps he is a cousin to Elmer. Any help will be appreciated. They are from Pike county and Scott county ILlinois. Thank you.
Addalasky Drake Elmer Drake
Add was born 1859 and died 1916. His parents were Amelia Woods and John Drake He married Cynthia "Sintha" Main July 3, 1888 Cynthia is the daughter of Mary E Page and Joseph Hiram Main
Elmer Drake is the son of Addalasky Drake and Cynthia "Sintha" Main. He was born 1889.
Richard Edward Main
Alvie Drake
Alvin Drake
Alvin Drake son ??We have found he is not their son,but must be a relative,He was pallbearer at the funeral for Elmer Drakes father -in-law and brother-in-law.Documented in a newspaper article.Hope you can help me out.Carol Walsh
marriage licence
Drake Tombstone greenpond cemetery
Les and Edith Drake brother to Elmer
 Les and Edith Drakes baby girls