George Drake died at sea on board H.M.S. Calendonia
October 25 1847 ,age 37 years.
From: sharon o'shaughnessy
Date: Saturday, November 04, 2000 10:23 AM

Hi Roy,

here's a delightful Drake story for you..

Copied from my  GILL ancestor's bible is this entry:

George Drake died at sea on board H.M.S. Calendonia October 25 1847 ,age 37

In the 1851 Devon Census for
92 James St. Stoke Damerel is listed my ggggrandpa

Richard GILL head W 68 Male Superannuated Shipwright born Millbrook,

and living with him is:
Jane DRAKE Daughter Widow 37 female, habardashier also born Millbrook
Caroline A. Wheeler Daughter M 28 Female born Devonport, Devon
Wm J.D. WHeeler Gson male 6m. born Devonport

THe family bible lists William,s full name as William George Drake WHeeler
born Sept. 11, 1850.

and now for the interesting part.  Here is a letter that was sent to me
regarding the ship's records of the Caledonia:

Dear Sharon

Had a chance very belatedly to look out the 1847 muster lists (ADM
38/349) and log (ADM 53/2264) for HMS CALEDONIA in the PRO.  She arrived
off the River Tagus (Lisbon) on 23 Oct 1847.  But here is a strange

There was only one George Drake on this ship.  He had joined HMS
CALEDONIA on 28 Apr 1845 aged 33 and was born in Portsmouth.  He was a
member of the Carpenter's Crew, with ticket no 292591.  However, he did
not die in 1847 but was discharged on 27 Jan 1848 and paid off.

According to the log book, nobody died on board on 25 Oct.  However on
27 Oct at 1230am "departed this life James Blake (Private RM)" and at
1pm "I sent the body of James Blake (Private RM) to be interred in the
English Burial Ground.".

James Blake, Marine 3rd Class, had joined HMS CALEDONIA on 8 May 1847
from 71 Company, Plymouth Division, Royal Marines at age 30.  He was
born in Sturminster, Dorset.  The muster book also notes "died 23 Oct
1847 on board"

So what did happen to George Drake??

David Asprey

I can hardly believe that the transcriber of the census and my greatuncle
who transcribed the bible entries both changed the BLAKE to DRAKE plus
exchanged the first name of James to George.  The age of 37 does support the
likelihood of it being George Drake who was the husband of Jane Gill....

how's that for an intriguing story..must look for a marriage record somehow
for Jane Gill....

please enter this story on your website where and as you see fit...

Manitoba Canada