Isaac N. Drake was born in
Maysville, KY, Aug. 4, 1846.
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Isaac Newton Drake, born 04 August 1846 in Maysville, Mason Co., Kentucky; died 26 January 1929 in Sunnyside, Yakima Co., WA. He was the son of Francis A. Drake and  Minervia Jane Gray. He married  Abigail E. Prickitt 28 November 1872 in Ft. McPherson, Lincoln Co., NB. Abigail E. Prickitt, born 15 May 1850 in West Unity, Williams Co., Ohio; died 21 November 1939 in Sunnyside, Yakima Co., WA. She was the daughter of  Japheth Leeds Prickitt and Phoebe Sharp Borton.

"Isaac N. Drake was born in Maysville, KY, Aug. 4, 1846. [according to cemetery records: Myersville, KY] He grew to manhood in Brown County, Ohio. In the winter of 1864 he enlisted in the Civil War with the Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company A, as a private. He served until the close of the war in 1865. He later enlisted in the Regular Army, Company M, 3rd U.S. Cavalry. He fought on the Western frontier against Sitting Bull, being in several expeditions against the Sioux and other Indians, under GeneralsTerry, Crook and Custer. In 1878 after serving 12 years he was given an honorable discharge."

Borton and Mason Families p. 77

Following written by M. V. Hurn, neice of Mildred Drake. Excerpt from Borton and Mason Families p. 77A

"We'll start this where Great Uncle Daniel Prickitt left off in 1907 when this book was published. At that time, Grandma -- Abigail Prickitt -- and Grandpa -- Isaac N. Drake -- were farming in S.D. where five children -- Phoebe, Mary Maime, Charles, Hester and James Edward -- were born and raised. Soon after, our grandparents moved to Washington State, settling on a farm near Outlook, Washington. After Grandpa retired, they moved to Sunnyside, WA, where Grandpa died Jan. 1929 at the age of 82 years. Grandma died in 1939 at the age of 89 years. They are buried in the Drake family plot in Sunnyside, Washington."

Isaac was buried 1/28/1929 at Sunnyside Cemetery, Yakima Co., WA.

Notes for Abigail E. Prickitt:
"In the spring of 1866, father's family moved to the George Carpenter farm one mile east and half mile north of town [West Unity]. James [H. Prickitt, brother] went west and worked at bridge building and carpentering for the B&M railway in Iowa. He came back and married Mrs. Eunice Axtell in 1869. Went to Redwillow county, Neb. in 1872 accompanied by Abby E. [Prickitt]. J.H., after living at Redwillow a few months, returned east on account of his wife's health, living in Battle Creek, Mich., West Unity, Iroquois County, Ill., again working for B&M railway, living in San Francisco, is now [1908] settled at Pomona, Cal.
Abby E. married Isaac N. Drake late in 1872 at Ft. McPherson and followed the life of a soldier's wife at Ft. McPherson and Ft. D.A. Russell, near Cheyenne, Wyo., accompanied the army, after the Big Horn expedition, to the Spotted Tail agency in S.D. where her husband resigned in 1878 and is now [1908] living at Loretta, Bonhomme County, S.D. on a farm.
On account of her health Mary E. [Prickitt, sister] went to Drake's in Wyoming in 1876. Came home and went west to Drake's again in the spring of 1878."

From Borton and Mason Families pp 75,76 excerpt written by Daniel J. Prickitt [brother]

Abigail was buried 11/24/1939 in Sunnyside Cemetery, Sunnyside WA.
Children of Isaac Drake and Abigail Prickitt are:
Date: Friday, 16 August 2002 5:41 AM
i.   Phebe Drake, born 24 August 1874; married Grant Carothers.
  ii.   Mary Mamie Drake, born 15 April 1876.
  iii.   Charles Walter Drake, born 31 December 1878; died 08 February 1922 in Roundup, Musselshell Co., Montana; married (1) Myrtle Lena Baldwin 30 December 1900 in South Dakota; married (2) Ollie May Campbell 27 December 1911.
  iv.   Hester Drake, born 13 January 1886; married Herman Seiling 23 August 1905.
James Edward Drake, born 16 March 1890; married Jennie Skedd 1916.

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