Izaiah Drake
was born in England in 1804

The information that I have was found in a book called"History of Wyandotte County, Kansas and its People". The earliest record indicates that Izaiah Drake was born in England in 1804. He arrived with his parents in Russell County, Virginia when he was six years old. He was raised in Virginia and married Susan Denton and they had 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls.

In 1860 they moved to Kentucky, and then on to Kansas in 1868. Susan died in 1873 and Izaiah in 1887, and they are both buried at Griffith cemetary in Bethel, Kansas. The only one of their children that I have a name for is Joseph Francis (my great-grandfather) who was born in Russell County, Virginia on December 10, 1850. He was 18 when they arrived in Kansas. Joseph married Mary Ella Ellis on February 20, 1869 and they had 2 sons, William Izaiah(Zed)(my Grandfather) and Ernest Leonard. Zed was born on July 5, 1873, and Ernest sometime in 1879. Mary died on July 15, 1885. Joseph married Jennie Atkinson in 1886.

They had one son, Herbert Leroy on Nov. 3, 1889. Joseph died on Dec. 3, 1926. As far as I know Herbert had no children. This is all that I have on the earlier line. I will provide more information on the later line of Zed and Ernest at a later time.

Ken Drake