The Sir Francis Drake family is represented in America by the following families:--

 The following is from the book by Louis Stoughton
Drake, Page 284-285.
PETER DRAKE, born in England June 16, 1739.  Probably the Peter Drake who
enlisted in the French and Indian wars, from Boston, May 1, and discharged
November 23, 1758 (State Archives, vol. xcvi., p. 397).  He married in Jersey
City, June 14, 1760, Abigail Woolsey, born in New York, April 16, 1747, died
in St. John, N.B., 1836.  He settled in New York, the tradition in his family
being that his farm was near the Harlem Ferry.  A Loyalist, he fled from the
country in 1783 and settled in Springfield, Belle Isle, King's County, New
Brunswick, as a farmer, seven of his children with their families going with
him--his sons Jeremiah, Uriah and Jacob, and daughters Mrs. Sarah Hughson,
Mrs. Annie Hatfield, wife of David, Mrs. Elizabeth Spragg, and Mrs. McDonald.
Two of his children, John Drake and Hannah Deering, remained in New York.

i.  Jeremiah, the eldest son, settled in New Brunswick in 1783, and died in
St. John in 1846.  Children:

    1.  Gilbert, born 1802, died 1862.  Children: Jeremiah, William George,
Walter Brunswick, Eliza A., Jane, and Helen.  The latter are unmarried and
living in St. John.
    2.  Peter, born 1806; died in Boston 1869; married Sarah J. Appleby, by
whom he had seven children.
    3.  Francis, died 1860, and his widow, an Englishwoman, returned to
Liverpool at his death, with her four children.
    4.  William, died unmarried
    5.  David, died unmarried
    6.  Mary, married Daniel Aymar
    7.  Judith, married Francis Aymar
    8.  Katherine Jane, married William Aymar
    9.  Ann, married first, Jacob Ring; married second, Capt. Pierce.
   10.  Sarah, died unmarried.

ii.  Uriah, the second son, born February 7, 1763, in Dutchess Co., N.Y., 
died February 28, 1832, in Carlton, N.B.  He went to St. John, N.B., at the Peace,
and was a grantee of that city.  By his wife, Marjery Fowler, born March 31,
1769, in Croton Ferry, N.Y., died February 8, 1834, in Carlton, N.B., he had:

    1.  Walter, born September 17, 1790; married Catherine Stackhouse, and
had: James, born December 12, 1828, and six daughters.
    2.  Uriah, born April 6, 1798, o.s.p.
    3.  David, born April 26, 1800, o.s.p.
    4.  Aaron J., born May 31, 1802, o.s.p.
    5.  John, born May 14, 1803, o.s.p.
    6.  William, born July 26, 1805, o.s.p.
    7.  Peter, born May 29, 1807; married Elizabeth Brothers.  Children: (1)
Joseph, (2) Alfred, (3) Peter, (4) William, 
(5) Walter; all died unmarried.
(6) Uriah, had three sons and one daughter.  (7) Jacob, born June 26, 1834;
married September 1, 1858, Hannah F. Olive, by whom he had nine children, all
now living in St. John, N.B. and in the vicinity of Boston.  (8) Jeremiah
Hughson of Malden, born June 26, 1834, in St. John, N.B.; married Jane A. C.Wilson.  
Children: (i) Ida May, born February 6, 1860, (ii) William Elbert,
born March 13, 1868, (iii) Mary Elizabeth, born December 5, 1864, (iv) Sarah,
born September 24, 1866, who has furnished much valuable information in regard
to this family, (v) John Wilson, born August 27, 1868, (vi) Charles Henry
Frederick, born May 13, 1881.  (9) Sarah, married James Wetmore; nine
children.  (10) Matilda, married first, George Ponsford; married second, James
A. Price.  (11) Anna, married Joseph Dunham.

    8.  Samuel W., born November 15, 1815, married Rebecca Brown.  Child:
Minnie, married R. A. Stewart.

iii.  Jacob, died in Savannah, Ga., leaving three children.
iv.  John, who remained in New York City.  Children:  Francis, John, Peter and
possibly William.  Peter and Francis, early in the century, kept a store on
Broadway, New York, and in 1826 Peter had a grocery store at the corner of
Spring and Washington Streets.  August 9, 1823, John Drake, Jr., wrote to his relatives 
in St. John, N.B. from New Hamburg, Dutchess Co., NY.

Barb Williams