The second letter is to Jacob White, a brother of Karens gggrandfather, William White:
618 Jennings Ave
Cleveland Ohio,
Mar 2, 1897

MrJacob White, Mabee, Ont

Dear Sir, your favour is to hand and noted. I have been looking over the dates of the different John Drakes the nearest I can find is this 2nd Jacob Drake, son of old John Drake - had a son , Paul. Drake had a son named John Drake who was born Oct 23, 1783. You have it 1782. I am right for I have the names of all of Jacob's children and there was a girl born in 1782 if you do not belong on this branch or if this is not the John I do not know where the John is to be found of whom you speak - but I think it is this one all right. Now you trace your record back from yourself to this John if you can and see if you can find out what his father's name was.
Mrs Jennie Kepler (over)

[and then on the back of the paper she put a list -kmb]

Line as I have it.

1. Anneke Jans Bogardus born 1605 her son
2. William Bogardus born 1639 his daughter
3. Annetjie Brower born 1660 her daughter
4. Magdalena Brower born 1704 her son
5. Jacob Drake born 1732 or 52 (difficult to tell which - kmb) his son
6. Paul Drake born 1758 his son
7. John Drake born 1783

if you can trace to this I think you will be right but find your dates anyway,
Mrs. Jennie Kepler.