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Links to other sites that are displaying images of Unidentified family photographs.
Jon has a mystery photograph site which has hundred of unknown photographs from the Hunter Valley Area. The site is mainly dedicated to Jon's family tree research but he also has lots of other photos as well. A couple of years ago, Jon inherited a suitcase full of old photographs. 80% of these beautiful old photographs are without names or dates. It is his intention that by placing them on this website, their identity will be revealed so the photos and their names may live on forever. The photographs include individuals that lived in or around the Maitland, Newcastle and Hunter Valley area. (although there are some photos from Sydney and Tweed Heads.) The date range is between 1855 to 194
Can you help identify these photographs? This page has been set up to display photographs of unknown people or places in Tasmania only
Photo Rescue! - A project to re-unite orphan photos with their lost families. Most of the photos are Australian, but some have been sent here from friends and relations in England, Scotland, New Zealand, and one was taken in Rhodesia. Links to other photographic sites.
Date an Old Photograph - Roger Vaughan Picture Library. Date a Carte de Visite Photograph. A date will sometimes help fit a photo into a family tree
Norfolk Roots - Helping you find your family's history. Cartes de visites were a popular means of letting members of a family at a distance receive a likeness of a relative.
From the pictures and the style of the mountings it is possible to date a picture which might make the difference between identifying someone as Great-aunt Lottie when it is actually her daughter, Letitia.