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Web Meta Power
Web Meta Power is a handy tool for any Web site project to check up validations of design, to optimize links , and to prepare site for submission to the Internet Search Engines. This application is developed mostly for Web designers to manage new web sites of any level of complexity, as well as to upgrade and maintain existing sites.
WebPromote Meta Tag Builder
The WebPromote Resource Center provides information, tools and products for marketers to be more effective on the web.  Featuring WebPromote Weekly, FreeSubmit and the META Tag Builder.
Meta Magic
Meta Magic will automatically update your existing .htm and .html files with the correct Meta Tags, every time. Even better, it will allow you to update an entire site of hundreds of pages in just minutes! With it's simple 'point and click' interface, support for tag templates, and built in spell checker and thesaurus, its a 'must have' for any serious webmaster.
SignPoster is a next-generation website promotion tool: SignPoster CREATES meta-information for your pages. SignPoster ANALYSES your pages to make them more attractive to search engines. SignPoster GENERATES SignPosts to your site that appear high up in search engines. This is the core feature of SignPoster, and the one that it's named after! Click here to find out more about SignPosting. SignPoster UPLOADS these SignPosts to your webserver. SignPoster SUBMITS these SignPosts to search engines.