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The Leader, 28/11/1984
It's the classic story of "local boy makes good." And in the case of former Wagga boy, Roy Andrews, the word "good" is an understatement. But it has been a long, hard, grind to the top of his chosen career and, according to Roy, he has his basic training ground at the studios of RVN Channel 2 to thank.
Roy Andrews is in the music business or rather, the music video clip business. If your into music and follow rock such as Countdown, Videorock, Sounds or Rock Arena, you are bound to have come across some of Roy's work. Roy is Senior Editor with Enterprises Colour Video (ECV), in Sydney, a position which, in the past four years, has reaped several awards for the country-come-city boy. But more about his present position later.
Roy's background in music began at Rava's in Wagga, where he worked in the electrical sales section of the local firm. From here he moved onto RVN2, described by his peers as "the hard RVN training school," where he was employed as a trainee technician. He learned the basics of the sound and video industry under the expert guidance of RVN's first chief Engineer, Stuart MacDonald. It was a training that really formed the backbone of Roy's career that has gone ahead in leaps and bounds since then.
Although not discontent with life in the country, Roy had a thirst for music and the possibilities it had to offer in the big city. So he moved on, and spent more than a year in the early 1970's at Channel 9 in Sydney. The experience gained here was enough to drive him on and, young and restless (a great title for a television series) he left the Nine Network and settled in at CBS Records in the same city.
It was the late 70's and video clips were all the rage in the promotion of records and were monumental in the boosting record sales. Roy became involved in the editing of video clips for CBS, which culminated in his winning two platinum discs for his editing of two television clips for the popular 20 Hits albums. Then Roy's career really started snowballing.
He moved on to ECV in 1975,this company being recognized as one of the country's leading video production outlets and a place where Roy felt his itchy feet had finally been scratched. In his early days at ECV, Roy began learning the intricacies of computer editing. At that very same time, a virtual unknown by the name of Russell Mulcahy was just starting in the video clip business. Since then, Russell has gone on to become world renowned in the music video clips making.
And, in several of those world famous clips, has lent his "pair of scissors" to the finished product. Roy has gone a long way since his first major epic, the American group "KISS" spectacular in 1980.Since then, Roy has met all the stars who are stars. And he has worked at Russell Mulcahy's right hand in many of the award winning video clips.
Roy Andrews
Roy Andrews pictured at the top of the New York Trade Centre during his recent award winning trip to America
Roy has worked on and been responsible for editing the television video clips of such groups as Dragon, Santana, Thin Lizzy, Mi-Sex, INXS, David Bowie, Elton John and Duran Duran. Three of his Special works, all directed by Russell Mulcahy, were the clips for Bowie's "Let's Dance", Duran Duran's "The Reflex", and Elton John's "Sad Songs".
"Working with David Bowie on Let's Dance video was a real experience," he said.
" The edit session with Bowie lasted more than 35 hours but this session was only small compared with Duran Duran's.
" The Reflex video session with Duran Duran took more than 45 hours and three days to edit, under the direction of Russell.
"The footage was shot in Montreal, Canada and edited by me in March this year.
"My latest clip was for Elton John's "Sad Songs" which in April, which was recently voted the best Australian Video Clip in France.
" At ECV, the team is young and enthusiastic, headed by Stephen Priest, who has been responsible for putting ECV on the international market for video production.
"The team at ECV are great to work with and when awards are won, you know just how great that team is," he said.
Roy and Stephen Priest have just returned from a world trip which took them to the Video Rock Awards which were held in Radio City Music Hall in New York. The awards were telecast live throughout the States over cable television.
Roy was a nominee in the Best Editing section for Video Clips, his clip "The Reflex" for Duran Duran, being in the final seven out of more than 700 clips.
Quite an achievement for a local Wagga boy in the music industry. Following the Awards, which was attended by anyone who was anyone in the music industry, he partied at an affair where he met Billy Idol (Flesh For Fantasy) and Ronnie Woods of the Stones. The world trip was Roy's first out of Australia and the experience he will always treasure. Several times each year, Roy finds time to make it back to Wagga to visit family and friends.
According to his mother, he is still the country boy at heart, and, although a boy of 33, with wife Joanne, young son Leigh and another one on the way, he hasn't let the big time spoil him.
For most of us, the glamour, the glitter and the stars would be just a little bit too much to take.
But with Roy, it's just a job. Any takers?