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Gunnedah man reaches the top
A former Gunnedah man, Stephen Priest, has made it to the top in the fiercely-competitive world of television production. Last week Stephen was presented with a multim-platinum album by Warner Brothers Records for his contribution to the success of Rod Stewart‚s Greatest Hits. The album sold two million copies in Australia and the Rod Stewart Organisation and Warner Brothers attribute the sales to a nationally screened T.V. commercial which was produced by Stephen. The commercial was just one of many Stephen has produced as the General Manager of Enterptise Colour Video Productions, a multi-million dollar firm and video company based in Sydney. Another commercial, familiar to Countdown viewers, would be Mi-Sex with Computer Games. Stephen said that the video had a powerful effect in selling records. „We can introduce an album with a video clip on Countdown and two weeks later it makes number one,š he said. Stephen entered the film and television industry after leaving Gunnedah High School at 15 years of age.
Stephen Priest
His first job was as a trainee technician with Channel Nine. At 28 years of age he has made a meteoric rise to the top of one of Sydney‚s fastest growing film firms. He joined the compay five years ago as Manager. He has been General Manager for the last two and a half years. Enterprise Colour Video Productions (E.C.V.P.) are not limited to making commercials but offer a wide range of film and video services including T.V. specials, film clip productions, training films for large companies, outside broadcasts and documentaries. Outside broadcasts of the Royal tour, the hockey and the football in Tamworth were made possible through E.C.V.P. and N.E.N. Channel Nine. Stephen has produced specials for the Little River Band, Cleo Laine, has worked on the technical side of the T.V. coverage of the Neil Dimond show and ABBA and hopes to do a T.V. special with Elton John at the end of the year. The work is demanding and constant with E.C.V.P. operating 24 hours a day but toStephen the pace and work are enjoyable. „Basically we are involved in entertainment and it‚s good fun,š he said. Stephen admits the staff at E.C.V.P. are kept working constantly. „There is no time for people to become bored and lazy,š he said Stephen has recently returned from a two month trip abroad to Cannes for the T.V. section of the film festival and an industry conference in Las Vegas. In Cannes, Stephen represented E.C.V.P. as producers of television programmes and established contracts in the international arena for future productions. E.C.V.P. has over the last five years, greatly expanded it‚s business. Its success has been due to Stephen‚s virtually self-taught talent for management and production. „We all have an excellent staff,š he added. The company will be extending its interests into entrepreneurial side of entertainment and is seeking a television licence to operate as the fouth network. At the end of the year Stephen will be the prime mover in the staging of a massive music and laser show under the dome of the night sky at the Sydney showgound. It will be a revolutionary show of three dimensional sound, visuals and vibrations. Stephen visits Guuedah when he can to see his father, Mr Alec Priest of Hunter Street, and his brother, Charles Priest, of Priest‚s Jewellers. He was guest speaker at the Gunnedah West Rotary Club on Thursday night.