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Bill (aka Wim) Oliver

Maumee, Ohio


this is our List "Dad"

-main contact-

William Drake, married to Susan CUPP; both were born in the Lancaster/Columbus area; Oliver

Perry Drake was their son.

Confirming/determining William

Drake’s parents/ ancestral line;

unsure if father was John Drake from Newport, England – or Josia

(Dratz) Drake of the Netherlands. Separating the"John Drake’s" in

Fairfield Co., Ohio in early decades

of 1800’s.


(need female

DNA test)

Daniel "DUCKY" Drake

Ventura, CA

Robert Drake ;born late 1500’s (?); father of Capt. Francis Drake; grandfather of Rev. John Drake

Figuring out the various Drake lines in Sussex/Warren Counties, New Jersey


Edna Franklin


Mary Drake; born in 1804 in N. Carolina; married to Jonathan Winn

Mary Drake; born in 1804 in N. Carolina; moved to Madison Co. Illinois abt 1846


Barb Marshall


Jesse Drake ( two brothers, Robert & Benjamin Drake); residing in Decatur Co., IN by 1830

Determining the ancestors of Drake’s that came to the area of Dearborn Co. IN abt 1797


Pam "Smith"


Double Drake; John Drake & Rebecca Heady; married abt 1781, Nelson Co., Kentucky; Anna (Annie)

Drake, born abt 1857; married Taylor Linderman (before 1879)

Confirming/determining parents of both Drake ancestors listed.


Thomas S. Fiske

Arcadia, CA

John Drake, born abt 1724 in England; migrated to VA in 1750 with baby son James Frances Drake

Confirming/determining John Drake’s parents; finding John’s two brothers – James and Richard Drake.


(need a male Drake)

Susan Scott


Francis P. Drake, born abt 1801 New York; married Mary Ann Carpenter; in WV by 1850

Looking for family of Francis P. Drake (listed above) & family of Seth W. Drake

Y (in process)

Randy Clapp

Willis, TX

Mary Alice (Allie) Drake, born in 1853, IA; married Charles Martin Clapp

Ely or Eli Drake (born 1825 in Marshall Co., TN) & a Harboard Drake (spelling varies); looking for

descendants/info on either one.


Linda Sabbagh

Pittsburgh, PA

Capt. Francis Drake (father of Rev. John Drake)

Locating the burial site of her great-grandfather, William Leftwich Drake; probable location in/near

Fannin Co., TX.


Herrick Marvin

(aka Superduck) Drake

West Point, UT

Abijah Drake circa 1735(?); in Massachusetts or New Hampshire

Confirming Abijah’s locale; then determining his ancestral line


Phyllis Drake Jacobs

Charlotte, NC

Aris Wade Drake, born in 1842, Franklin Co., NC

Confirming parents of Aris Drake; mother Teresa Ann; father John D. Drake (?)


Elizabeth Drake Wilson

Houston, TX

Philander Nelson Drake, born 1827 in Otsego Co., NY (family relocated to Wisconsin)

Confirming Philander’s father, Isaac H. Drake (possibly born in Otsego Co., NY; Isaac’s parents might have been William Drake & Eunice Hamlin Drake)


Troy Drake

Bangkok, Thailand

Benjamin Drake – married to Mary Runyon (Troy believes this is right)

Confirm if his great-grandmother Keziah Champion Drake was part Native American.


Gabrielle Taylor

Hunterdon County, NJ

Elizabeth Drake – married to Daniel Lorentz in 1734 (Abraham Drake –son of Capt. Francis Drake -may be her father)

Confirming if Capt. Francis Drake’s father was Robert Drake ( and that his siblings would have been Nathaniel, Abraham and Susannah Drake)..


William David Drake

San Diego, CA

John Drake; born in Somerset Co., England; married to Jemima Parnell;

emigrated to Isle of Wright, Virginia

Determining the earlier family members/ancestors of John Drake.


Candee Lebrun

Santa Rosa, CA

Samuel Drake; born 1774 in NJ; married to Catherine (Catherina) Hulshizer

Trying to find out more about Martha Drake (born 1843, NJ), daughter of Martin Drake.


Drake M. Porter

Gig Harbor, WA

Charles Drake, from Hackettstown & Schooley Mountain, NJ; died in Old Forge, PA

Determining what happened to Charles Drake’s wife, Sarah Bryant


Russell (Russ) G. Drake

San Leandro, CA

Robert Drake, born 1775 in VA ( near Martinsburg); married to Margaret Mendenhall

Determining/confirming info on Robert Drake; location of birth, parents, where married,etc,.


John Kantzer


Jacob Drake, born abt 1773 in NJ; married to Rachel (born abt 1779 in PA)

Determining more info of Jacob Drake’s parents/ancestral line


Joyce Lashbrooks-Underwood

Huntingburg, IN

Braxton Drake, 1773-1840, born in VA; married Martha Patsy Geer (born 1795)

Finding more info on William Drake & Mary Watts; Braxton Drake’s parents


(need male Drake)

Harold McDonald

Pensacola area, FL

Archibald Drake, born January 176 in Isle of Wight/Southampton Co., VA; married Rhoda Lacy; relocated to Ohio. He might be the son of Barnaby Drake

Obtaining more info on Barnaby Drake, specifically, his will – who were his sons/offspring?


Beth Drake Williamson

Bedias, TX

Samuel A. Drake, born 1805 in NJ

Confirming/determining Samuel A. Drake’s parents/ancestral line


(brother participated)

Bob Drake

Austin, TX

James Drake, born abt 1801 in Massachusetts; married Sophia Haber, 1821 in NY.

Determining more info on death of James Drake; confirming any ties to Drake Family located in the area of

Taunton, Bristol, Mass


Tracy Mallon

Duncanville, TX


Thomas Drake; married Jane Holbrook; located in Massachusetts, thru great-granddaughter Mercy Drake (17 Jul,1725 -26 Feb, 1778)

Confirming/determining English origins of Thomas Drake


Martin Critchley

Lancashire, England, UK

John Drake, of Bradford, Yorkshire, England; married to "Mary"; had 9 children, including Moses Drake – all born 1797-1813

Determining John Drake’s parents/ancestral line



Brenda Joiner

Talladega, Alabama

Lovice Catherine Drake, born abt 1836 in Newton Co., GA

Determining Lovice Drake’s parents/ ancestors. Partial leads on extended family; Turner & Mary Drake


(need male Drake)

Mike Drake

Omaha, NE

Josias Dreths/Drats, born 1648 in Holland (father of John/Jans Drake, born 1687 in Brooklyn,NY, grandfather of Zephaniah Drake, born 1737 in Goshen, NY)

Determining death date/info on Zephaniah Drake, located in Guernsey Co., OH in 1830’s


(planning to)

Margaret Driskill

Huntsville, AL

John Drake, born 1794 in VA.

Married Mary P. Foster on June 28,

1827 in Lunenburg, VA.

Determining John Drake’s

parents/ancestral line


Penny Auffert

Maryville, MO

Not proven; Teresa Drake, born abt 1800 in NJ; married Lot Trim

Confirming/determining if Teresa’s last name was Drake; if so, info on her parents, etc,


Ray FitzGerald

Ridgewood, NJ

Mary Drake, married in 1832 to James O’Regan, County Cork, Ireland

Additional information on Drake’s from Oldcastletown, County Cork (Kildorrery parish), Ireland


Daniel Drake

Montgomery Co., MD

John Drake, father of George W. Drake (born abt 1814 in Seneca or Stueben, NY –who would live in Salamanca, Cattaraugus Co., NY)

Obtaining/determining info on John Drake (might have come from Danville, NY – near Geneva)

Y ; #108

William Hysom

Aurora, CO

Nancy Catherine Drake, born 1816

Interested in Drake DNA Study; needs to find additional Drake relatives; obtaining more info on Nancy Catherine Drake


(need male Drake)

Tammy Lynn Collard

Charleston, SC

John "Leander" Drake; his two sons, Heziekiah and Nathan Drake – located in North Carolina; several descendants located in Henderson County, NC

None listed


(need male Drake)

Mika Jackson (?)

Granbury, TX

William Drake, born abt 1794 in Russell Co., VA; married Mary "Jane" Stinson. William died abt 1866 in Wolfe Co., KY. Descendants in KS & TX

None listed. Has more info available


Lois Haile


Her Drake Line; Capt. Francis Drake- thru his son George (who married Mary Oliver).Her Husband’s Drake Line: John Drake, born 1806; married 14 Dec, 1827 to

Sophia Atkins, Cumberland Co., NC. Moved to Haywood Co., TN; died there in 1870

Confirming/determining John Drake’s parents/ancestral line – possibly related to Benton Drake. (Sources

indicate that Benton Drake’s wife –Martha Drake – also known as Widow Drake lived on adjoining land, or nearby to John Drake. Reference a John & Moore Drake.)


Wilma Page


Rev. Silas Drake, born 4 Nov, 1791 in NC; married Micajah Wells in 1811. Died 7 Oct, 1858

None listed. Has more info available


Pam Drake

Tell City, IN

Thomas Drake, born 1810 in MD; married Hannah Browning on 25 Jan, 1837.Had 10 children; lived in Ohio & Wapello Co., IA

Confirming/determining parents/ ancestral line for Thomas Drake; need info when/where he died &

his burial site


(cousin participated)

? McCann


William Albert Drake, born 1853 in Cayuga Co., NY; married to Roxanna

Determining William Albert Drake’s parents/ancestral line; supposedly in NY


Carole Hollingsworth

Camas, WA


George Drake, born abt 1799 in OH; married to Rachel Johnson 1 Mar, 1821 in Harrison Co., OH

Determining George Drake’s parents/ancestral line; (might be David Drake, born 1763 in Frederick Co., MD; married Margaret Hinkle)


Melba Sherwood

Carnegie, OK

William Drake, 1707-1770, resided in New Kent Co., VA; married "Sarah" abt 1730

Obtaining/determining William Drake’s parents/ancestral line; full info on wife "Sarah."

N (cousin will participate in test)

Bill Stout

Gilbert, AZ

William Drake, born abt 1750 in NJ; married "Mary" abt 1774; likely died in Lyons, Wayne Co., NY; had several children


Obtaining/determining William Drake’s parents/ancestral line (might have been a son of William Drake & Susannah Farnsworth); full info on wife "Mary."


Jerry Duval


John B. Drake, married Elizabeth Holmes (had son named John J. Drake)

Obtaining/determining John B. Drake’s parents/ancestral line


Roy Andrews


John Drake, born abt 1565 in Devon, England, UK, died abt 1640;

Australian branch started when Edward Drake migrated to Au in 1854

None listed. Perhaps knowing more about John Drake’s ancestral line


Irene Wraight

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

John Richard Drake, of Plymouth, England, UK; (his son, also named

John Richard Drake, was born 1852 in Devonport, Devon, England, UK)

Perhaps obtaining/determining John Richard Drake’s parents/ancestral line


Frances Carol Drake Allred

Decatur, AL



Thomas, John, Richard and William Drake, 1694; residents of Isle of Wight, VA. (Their father was probably John Drake & mother Jemima Parnell Drake.)

Obtaining/determining John Drake’s parents/ancestral line


(trying to get

brother to


Eileen Henderson

Roy, WA

Samuel Drake, born 1800 KY; married Margaret Weldon South; moved to MO.

None listed. Perhaps obtaining/ determining Samuel Drake’s

parents/ancestral line


Kelly Drake

Fremont, CA

John Drake, married abt 1500 to A. Granville; his son Robert Drake, married 1559 to Elizabeth Prideaux.

Obtaining/determining John Drake’s parents/ancestral line; full info on wife Elizabeth Prideaux


Marcia Capriotti

Marietta, GA

Daniel Drake, born 1828 in Henry Co., KY.

Obtaining/determining Daniel Drake’s parents/ancestral line

N (no male Drake –yet)

Jane Drake Brody

Baton Rouge, LA

Double Drake: Maternal; Thomas

Drake, born abt 1760 in England; married to Mary; died abt 1799 in SC. Paternal: Thomas Drake, born abt 1650 in Somerset, England, UK; died before 1727 in IOW, VA;

married Sarah.

Obtaining/determining both Thomas Drake’s parents/ancestral lines

Y (sending kit in)

Michelle Rush

Sarasota, FL

Lavina Drake, born 1778 in NJ; married 1796 in NJ – to Joseph Morris; lived in Bracken Co., KY –

relocated to Clark Co., OH 1808. Possibly related to Philip Drake, descendant of Rev. John Drake

Confirming/determining Lavina Drake’s parents/ancestral lines. Possible lead –John Drake & his

wife Rachel (maybe LeForge). Lavina had a brother named Cornelius Drake, born 1781 in NJ


Ken Hartke

Jefferson City, MO

Thomas Drake, abt 1635-1695,of Weymouth, MA; married to Jane Holbrook

Confirming/determining Luna Drake’s parents/ancestral lines; Luna & her brother Noble Drake’s early records from CT; Calvin Drake’s marriage to "Polly."


(no male Drake –yet)

Janet Beattie


Joel Drake, born 1775, married 1780 in Powhatan Co., VA to Amey Hall

Obtaining/determining Joel Drake’s parents/ancestral lines

N (cousin may take test)

Diane Drake Lux

Port Townsend, WA


Nicholas Drake, died 1302; lineage descends down to Capt. Francis Drake – through his son,

George Drake

Obtaining/verifying documentation on ancestral info – on descent from Nicholas(died 1302) – through Capt. Francis Drake, New Hampshire


Carla Tate

Raleigh, NC

Capt. Francis Drake (son of Robert Drake – Of Hampton, NH);

Migrated to Piscataway, NJ.

Carla’s maternal greatgrandfather was Addison Bunyan Drake.

Confirming/determining Capt.

Francis Drake’s parents/ancestral line – including Details of family’s

origin & location in England.

*** Yes ---

(in new female

DNA study)

Carla Tate

Raleigh, NC

(Doing research for friend.)

Samuel Drake, born abt 1796 in NJ; married Susan Davis; lived in Warren County, NJ; moved to Iowa after Civil War. ( Possible his father might have been Thomas Drake.)

Obtaining/determining Samuel Drake’s parents/ancestral line; full info on wife "Susan Davis."


Constance Frazier

Flagg Spring, KY

Robert Drake, of Hampton, NJ –father of Abraham Drake of NH ;descending via son Abraham Drake in NH ( Robert had sons Nathanial,

Abraham –and Capt. Francis; daughter Susannah)

Willing to help with lookups – related to New Hampshire Drake leads.


Brenda Hurlburt

Hornell, NY

Josiah Janze Drake(Dratz) and Aeltjie Brouwer

Obtaining/determining any info

On Josiah (Dratz) Drake’s parents/

ancestral line; Also, info/clarification

on his wives(?).

N (no male Drake –yet)

Milton V. Drake

West Monroe, NY

Abijah Drake, around 1735.

A Seth Drake (?)

Determine if my DNA matches Taunton, MA line and Erie, PA



[likely to


Felicia Wiser Hazelton


Fielding Drake, born 08 Mar 1825, in Shelby Co., OH; died 04 Jul 1881, Leesburg, Kosciusko Co., IN; married Elizabeth Jane Hartman 12 Sept 1848, Sidney, Shelby Co., OH.

Confirming/determining Fielding Drake’s parents/ancestral line; possibly William Drake, born abt 1790; died abt 1826 in OH; married Elizabeth Dingman; trying to confirm their children – including Effie Drake ( born 1810; died 07 Mar 1894; married Abraham Goble), William Drake (born abt 1826), Sarah Drake & possibly other unknown children. (Ohio)


Jo Ann Van Meter

Harrisonville, MO

Atsy Drake, born 13 May 1813, died 30 Aug 1882, buried in Guernsey Co., OH; married Charles Porter in 1838, Guernsey Co., OH

Obtaining/determining Atsy Drake’s parents/ancestral line; full info on husband Charles Porter.


Beth Blake Davis

Virginia Beach, VA

William Henry Drake, born in 1867 (parents are Charles & Anna Drake, Marshall Co., WV).

Confirming/determining William Henry Drake’s parents/ancestral line; determining who were his siblings –

including Charles Drake (of Bellaire, OH) and his sister, Elizabeth Drake (who married a Wallace); Samuel’s father George (?) from Ireland (???)

N (trying to get a male uncle to participate)

Rosalie Siri


Mary Drake, married Charles Wolverton.

Cofirming/determining Mary Drake’s parents/ancestral line; info on husband, Charles Wolverton


Mildred Jacqueline

Drake Clepper


Michael Drake, born abt. 1745, a

Revolutionary War soldier; his second wife was Jane

(Davidson or Davisson).

Confirming/determining Michael Drake’s parents/ancestral line;


Linda (?)


Drake, married to

Jerimiah Dungan

(this is only two generations back

from Linda’s husband)

Confirming/determining Deborah Drake’s parents/ancestral line;


Doug Drake

Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Robert Drake ;born late 1500’s (?); father of Capt. Francis Drake; grandfather of Rev. John Drake;

Just determined that Doug is

Cousin of Daniel "DUCKY" Drake;

Doug descends from Reuben

Drake (married to Sarah Kitchen)

**Working on "Canadian Drake

Family Tree – from Jerseyville,

Ontario, Canada; just received "new" data/info from Daniel

"DUCKY" Drake;


(not yet)

Kelly Drake

Dallas, TX




Benjamin Drake, born in 1729, PA

Confirming/determining Benjamin

Drake’s parents/ancestral line ;

Determining connection/ relationship

of Benjamin to other Drakle’s located

in Warren Co., TN (need to verify if

location is correct)


Christine Drake Lufkin

Austin , TX


Francis Drake, born 1774 ; married Hannah DeKay in 1799 at Goshen, NY ; died. 16 Jan. 1839 at Lodi Twns, MI

Determining Francis Drake’s parents/ancestral line. Francis &

wife, Hannah lived in Dutchess City before moving to MI.


(trying to get

brother to participate)

Susan Curtis

Lake Elsinore, CA

Imla Drake, born 24 Dec, 1815 in

Hunterdon, NJ; died 10 July 1877 at

Sedan, Chautaqua, KS.

Confirming/determining if Imla Drake is the son of David Drake (who died

July 16, 1826 at Bethlehem,

Hunterdon Co., NJ; Imla had possible siblings; William H. Drake,

Samuel Drake& sister, Elizabeth Ann



Marketta Littleton Pimentel

Madera, CA




Epaphroditus Drake, late of

Hancock Co., GA

Obtaining/determining "Epa’s"

parents/ancestral line; Epa’s

son William Drake (b. abt 1795)

was married to a "Martha"

--need to determine her surname.


Jim Martin

Albany, GA





Samuel Drake, married to

Sarah Cox 1743. Had son named Nathaniel Drake; grandson named Isaac Drake;

Obtaining/confirming info on Isaac

Drake; possibly born in Augusta, VA;

married to Jane Todd; need info on his spouse. Isaac was an early

settler of Nashville, TN; May have

had second wife (possibly Ruth Murray).


Debi Drake-Maurer



Osborne Drake, born abt 1830 in

VA; married to Lizzie Fox born in TN; lived in NE; died IN 1879 at Nebraska City, NE

Obtaining/determining info on

Osborn Drake’s parents/ancestral line; he had seven children-all born

in Nebraska City, NE


Ann Borgers



John Drake, born about 1350 in

Ashe, Dorset, England; married to

Christian Billet; had son named

John Drake born abt 1388.

Still finding/locating info


Dell Fagg (new Cowan)

Queensland, Australia

Benjamin Drake, married 03 Nov. 1765 in Melcombe Horsey, Dorset,

England –to Mary Morris

None listed. Possibly determining Benjamin Drake’s parents/ancestral



Thompson Francis Drake




Ebenezer Drake; had son named

George Drake; George had son

named Ethan Alen Drake, born 1836 in Marshall Co., IL;

Thompson makes reference to a Henry #1 (???)

None listed. Possibly confirming

ancestral line of Ethan Alen Drake – tracing it back,

[apologize for being vague/unclear-Ducky]


Constance Frazier

Northern Kentucky


Nicholas Drake, died before 14 June, 1302 at Great Waltham, Co.

Essex, England; married to Agnes


Obtaining/determining the surnames

of Drake wive’s


Jean Preston Smith

Mt. Holly Springs,PA

Josayas (Joseph-Janze Drake-

Dratz) (This would be the Dutch/NY Drake’s.)

Obtaining/determining Joseph

(Dratz) Drake’s parents/ancestral line; info on his family.


Linda Williams (Liles) Cattanach

Blairsville, GA


Lt. James Drake, born abt 1740

In VA; died 02/01/1806 in Powhatan, VA; married a Mary

(Molly) ?__(unsure of surname)

in VA approx 1762-64

Confirming/determining if there is any

connection between John Gilliam Drake(married to Mary "Polly" Felts)

and a James Monroe Drake born abt

1819/20 in Butler Co., KY; died

02/19/1897 in Briggs, TX.


Alan Drake

Chicago, IL

Benjamin Drake, born 1729 "on the Jersey Island"; died in 1827 at

Carter County, TN

Confirmining/determining Benjamin Drake’s wife, parents, Siblings, etc.,


Colleen Sims

Georgia, USA

William Drake, born 1715 in VA

How does my William Drake fit

In with the Pothatan Drakes?