John Drake born NC, or Va. - Drake roll call November 1999


Subject: [DRAKE-L] roll call John Drake born NC, or Va.
Date: Friday, November 12, 1999 10:01 PM

To the tune of Old Mc Donald,

Old John Drake, he had a family;
E I E I O.
And in this family was another John;
E I E I O.
With a DAR Report here, and a Family Bible there;
Here a CD, There a Ships List,
Everywhere a brick wall;
Old John Drake he had a family;
E I E I  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Just had to inject that bit of humor.  Here is my missing John Drake, looking 
for info on birth and parentage,
hope we can connect,

In the Warren County, Ohio Census of 1850, It shows John Drake to be 56 years
old, and Elizabeth (Golden, Goulding)  to be 43.
The 1860 census, same place, shows John to be 65 and Elizabeth to be 55
The 1870 census shows no JOhn, and Elizabeth to be 62 years old.

Marriage records for that area show John and Elizabeth to have been married 
in Feb., 1821.

Using the 1850 cenus, that would put John being born aprox. 1794.  Just 
guessing of course. The 1850 census shows johns birthplace as Va.,  but the 
1860 census shows
it as N.C.  I'm not sure if maybe at one time Va and NC  were the same area, 
maybe split later into 2 differnt states?  Sure doesn't help much to track 
John down.  All census's show Elizabeth to have been born in Ky.