William Drake who md. Eunice Helme
- Drake roll call November 1999

From: Michael Boyer O'Leary 
Subject: [DRAKE-L] Roll: Wm Drake, NY
Date: Friday, November 12, 1999 5:17 AM

Ruthe White, Bea McManis and I are trying to place William Drake, who who
md. Eunice Helme (d/o Samuel Helme and Mary Williams) and had children:
John, b.3 August 1781; Samuel, b.ca.1783; Jessamine (a son), b.ca.1785;
James, b. 27 March 1786; Catherine; Polly; Susan; Joseph; Ransom (all born
say 1786-1798); and Claudius, b.ca.1799.  John, Jessamine, Samuel, and
James were all early residents of Genesee County, NY (specifically the near
the town of Elba).   Michael's and Bea's families descend from John and his
wife Clarissa/Clara Worth; Ruthe's family descends from Jessamine. 

William is described as having "lived and died in Greene County, NY" [Beers
Gazateer of Genesee Co], but also appears to have spent at least some time
in Dutchess County, NY, where his wife lived before their marriage.  He may
also have spent some time in Genesee County, where he apparently contracted
to purchase land from the Holland Land Co. in 1806.  It's not clear whether
he ever completed that transaction and removed to Genesee County with his
sons.  It is also not clear whether this William was son of John2
(Jesayas1) Drake or Joseph3 (John2, Jesayas1) Drake -- or part of some
other Drake family.

In an attempt to place this William, I have posted the full analysis
http://web.mit.edu/mboleary/www/Searls/William_Drake_ISO.html ,
which hopefully identifies all of the potentially distinct William Drakes
in the Greene, Dutchess, and Orange County areas during the period in
question.  While the result remains a confusing picture, I hope the
analysis will help focus future discussions and research. 

Currently, there appear to be as many as four distinct William Drakes in
this area of NYS who could be the father of the Genesee County Drake

There has been a considerable amount of research on the Orange County
Drakes and there is conflicting evidence about them.   I look forward to
hearing from anyone with interest in this line or (even better) information
that would help place this William.

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