John Drake: Dover, Eng. 1735 - Drake roll call November 1999

From: Michael Matthews 
Subject: [DRAKE-L]  Roll Call:  John Drake:  Dover, Eng.  1735 
Date: Thursday, November 11, 1999 10:38 AM

Dear List Serv:
My Drake ancestor, John Drake who sailed from Dover, England.
My hope is to someday find out who his parents were.  He 
sailed to America in 1735 (widely believed) though a believed
to be misprint on the family tree has it as 1635.
Thanks to the Drake exchange, I have learned about Drake
related surname people who live in South America.  
While I have been unable to learn (yet) who John's parents were,
I have learned about the European families of other ancestors.
The Drake Exchange has been an oasis for me.
My John Drake had a son or grandson named James who
married an Agnes Breckenridge.  There is an extensive tree
done on this family. This South Carolina family meets in
October near Donalds, SC. 
Martha Anne (looking for Drakes and Seawrights everywhere)