Isaac Russell Drake Born 1818 or 1819
- Drake roll call March 99

OK  List mom says roll call -I will obey
Isaac Russell Drake Born 1818 or 1819 was 41 on the  Ill.1860 census
married pamelia Comstock in Hartwick, new York DT. of Abel Comstock  no date
for Birth or marriage --- migrated to Dekalb county Illinois
Children Mary born New York 1842 or43 age 17 on 1860  Ill.census
Catherine born New York born 1844 or45 was 14 on Ill 1860 census
Rose Born New York 1847 or 1848 was 12 on Ill. 1860 census
also there was a John Gordon age 1yr on this census  relationship Gs
and a John Gordon age 23 no relationship given. I assume he was a son-in-
law and husband to Mary
They lived next door to Orrin Wesley Moon and his wife Elizabeth(Comstock)
Moon-Elizabeth was Parmelia,s sister--The Moons went to California between
1860 and 1870 BUT can not find where the Drakes went. I am not a Drake, I am
a Moon. Any help is appreciated. Abigail