James Drake, Powhatan Co, VA,1740
- Drake roll call July 99

From: Barbara Drake Bresler

Subject: [DRAKE-L] Roll Call James Drake, Powhatan Co, VA,1740
Date: Thursday, July 08, 1999 3:12 AM

Our James Drake was born in Va in 1740.  He died in Powhatan Co, VA in 1797.  
His wife's name was Mary (Molly) .  She was born about 1744 and died in 
Powhatan Co. in 1828.  James and Mary had:  (All these children were probably 
born in Cumberland County until Powhatan County was formed from it and many 
dates are approximate.)

1.Sir Francis Drake (named after the original): Born1765 VA. Died 1814 Logan 
Co., KY. Married Martha Gilliam of Goochland County.

2. Levina Drake: Born 1766, VA. Died 1806.  Married John Taylor.  Had a 
daughter named Ann R. Taylor who married Hix.

3. James Drake, Jr.:  Born 1768, VA Died 1852.  Married Tabitha.

4. William Drake:  Born 1769, VA DIED 1837.

5. Tarlton Drake:  Born 1771, VA Died 1856 Warren Co., KY.  Married Mary.

6.  Polly Drake:  Born 1775, VA Married James Hudnall 1796.

7.  Philadilphia Drake: Born 1776, VA. Died 1805.  Married Anthony Martin, 

8.  Joseph Drake:  Born 1778, VA. Died 1800?.  Married Jane Lea 1800.

9.  Nancy Drake:  Born 1780, VA. Married Hughes Taylor after1800.  2nd 
husband, Thomas Rice

10.  Martha (Patsy) Drake:  Born 1782, VA. married Robert Goode 1803.

11.  Thomas Drake:  Born VA.

12. Samuel Drake:  Born 1785.

13.  Sally Drake:  Born 1788, VA.  Married Edward Adkinson 1809.

We are searching for the parents of James and Mary and we'd love to discover 
Mary's maiden name!!  We have the complete line for Sir Francis and Tarlton, 
but would like to find cousins who descend from the other children of James 
and Molly.

Barbara Drake Bresler
Arlington, VA