Calvin Drake was born in Massachusetts around 1775
- Drake roll call Jan 99

Subject: [DRAKE-L] Roll Call - NY/MA  Calvin Drake
Date: Saturday, January 30, 1999 6:21 PM

Calvin Drake was born in Massachusetts around 1775, probably in
Easton, Bristol Co. By around 1800 he had moved to Connecticut
and married Polly _____ .  I think he may have been in Oneida Co. NY
by 1810 but he is listed in the Broome Co. NY Fed. census in 1820 and
thereafter he appears in the Tioga Co. NY Fed. census through 1850.

Children were Luna Drake (b. c 1802), Noble Drake (b. c.1805)
Jerome Drake (b c. 1808) Lloyd Drake (b. c.1819), Polly Drake (b.
c. 1823), Martin Drake (b. c. 1837). Luna and Noble were born in CT.

Luna married Elias Frear (Frayer/Fryer). Noble married Lucy _____.
Jerome married Tamer Goodenough (sp?).  Nothing known on  the
spouses or other information for Lloyd, Polly or Martin.

It is likely - but not 100% certain - that Calvin is the (long lost) son of
Zachariah Drake of Easton MA. This would place him in the family of
Thomas Drake of Weymouth Mass. (Thomas > Benjamin > Richard >
Zachariah > Calvin) Still looking for that elusive piece of evidence for
a solid connection beyond what I have.