David Drake 1752-1830

From: William D. Drake Subject: [DRAKE-L] Roll Call: David Drake 1752-1830 Date: Monday, April 10, 2000 4:11 PM

I have been looking for documentation about the wife of David Drake for the past two years. Course, during that time I have had a quadruple coronary bypass operation and two separate staph infections to contend with. I'm sure that David had just as many, if not more problems than I have had. David, the son of Lazarus Drake and Sarah Hines Drake, was born in 1752 in Sussex County, VA. After the death of William Hines, Sarah's father, the family moved to Edgecomb County, NC about 1770. At that time, few of the children had married. Lazarus died in the late stages of the War, and his will listed the children and most of their spouses, except for David and William. William's family is well known. In 1790, David was in Edgecomb County, but that census did not describe the ages of the 7 women in his home. In the 1800 census, David is in Orange County, and remains there thru the 1820 census, the only Drake listed in that county. There are several potential children of David who were born between 1792 and 1809, the latter being my gg gf, James Madison Drake. In the 1800 census reports, David's wife is listed as being about 20 years younger than he. [If she weren't, she would have been too old to have children in 1809.] In 1790, brother Hines was living in Nash County, and he was a person David would probably visit. In fact, David's first son was named "Hines". And having a brother in Nash County would facilitate David getting married there en route to Orange County. One of these days, I hope to be well enough to travel to Nash and Orange County to check up on David and his family. My #2 daughter and her family are in the process of moving to Chapel Hill soon. Her daughter has been selected for a special PhD course at Duke University. Once they get settled there, its possible they can help me too.

William "Bill" David Drake :) San Diego