Standard Cemetery Designations
- Leo O. Drake-Historian

Thursday, July 15, 1999

"Praises on tombs are trifles vainly spent,

a man's good name is the best monument."


"Stop passenger, as you pass by

You are now, so once was I

As I am now, you soon must be

Prepare for death, and follow me."


Above the cloistral, valley,

Above the druid rill,

There lies a quiet sleeper

Upon a lonely hill.

All the long days of summer

The low winds whisper by,

And the soft voices of the leaves

Make a murmurous reply.

All the long eves of autumn

The loving shadows mass

Round this sequestered slumbering-place

Beneath the cool hill grass.

All the long nights of winter

The white drifts heap and heap

To form a fleecy coverlet

Above the dreamer's sleep.

All the long morns of springtime

The tear-drops of the dew

Gleam in the violet's tender eyes

As if the blossoms knew.

Ah, who would break the rapture

Brooding and sweet and still,

The great peace of the sleeper

Upon the lonely hill!


By: Clinton Scollard: (1860-1932)


Pg. 2


b. born

d. died

m. married

b/d born and died

d/o daughter of

s/o son of

w/o wife of

h/o husband of

f.m. funeral marker

m.m. military marker

y-m-d years, months and days of age

CSA Confederate Sattes of America

USA United StatesArmy

USN United States Navy

USMC United States Marine Corps

Am. Rev. American Revolution

SAW Spanish American War

WWI World War 1

WWII World War II

MAW Modern American Woodman

WOW Woodman of the World

100F Independent Order of Odd Fellows

OES Order of the Eastern Star

Shriner Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine

Mason or Masonic Order of Freemasons


Researched and Compiled by: Leo O. Drake-Historian