website design services
website design services
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Personnal websites
You may have a hobby interest that you want to share with others on the Internet. This is probably the best reason for setting up your own personal website.
I can build you a website that consists of no more than 1 - 5 pages.
graphics, logos, animation design
Graphics, Logos, Animation design
Whatever your needs we can design anything from company logos, Flash animation, animated GIFs, banners and components that can be inserted into your existing webpages.
e-commerce website
e-commerce website
There are a few approaches that can be made when it comes to building an e-commerce site.
If you have an existing website, it can be modified to accommodate a shopping cart and online banking system.
You want a brand new e-commerce website.
I can stylise a website for you and incorporate an e-commerce package into it.
I use the brilliant eComm PRO eCommerce Solution package. This package offers quite a few pre-defined styles (templates) so if you decided to go with one of the templates you could save $1000 or so on getting a graphic designer to create a style. With using a template from the package you will still be able to add your own branding, colours etc.
business website
Business website
A business website can be built from the material that you provide - incorporating logos, images, brochures and text about your company. Your site can be anything from one page of information to a very complex flash site, it all depends upon your needs.
I can build you a business website taylored to your needs and it can always be expanded as your company grows.
Website maintenance
There is nothing more important then keeping the content of your website updated. If visitors don't see change to your sites content, they won't come back.
I can offer myself as webmaster for your site at a very cheap price to keep updating your websites content.
Site Remodelling ( site re design or make over)
You may feel that your existing site is getting a bit outdated, doesn't look trendy anymore and takes forever to load.
I can remodel your website to make it a winner.